2020 Youth Academy Announced

24th September, 2019

Bowls England is delighted to announce that the following players have been invited to attend its Academy on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th May 2020.

Invited players:
Millie Adkins (Worcestershire)
Daniel Agar (Yorkshire)
Rebecca Fey (Surrey)
Amica Fordy (Yorkshire)
Jack Hancock (Dorset)
Molly Haney (Cumbria)
Tilly Haney (Cumbria)
Yasmina Hasan (Surrey)
Finlow Hunt (Worcestershire)
Tom Lesslie (Essex)
Alice Lovett (Hampshire)
Thomas Pike (Berkshire)
Rhianna Russell (Hertfordshire)
Joe Sims (Suffolk)
Ollie Sloan (Nottinghamshire)
Jack Wimble-Roberts (Kent)

Reserves (will be notified if required to attend)
Eloise Collins (Derbyshire)
Joshua Jones (Berks)
Joshua Rowe (Kent)
Millie Tuck (Dorset)

During the weekend, those players selected will have the opportunity to participate in both theoretical and practical sessions, all of which are designed to support you on your pathway towards international recognition. These sessions will be led by personnel specially invited by Bowls England, including members of the men’s and women’s international selection committees.

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