All To Play For Launches

28th July, 2022

All To Play For is a new brand campaign for the sport of bowls, reflecting the qualities of our game irrespective of code. With the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games taking place this summer, this video shows the power of a sport which is open to everybody.

Our fantastic clubs are open and ready to receive new players! You can find them at PlayBowls and also on our Club Finder.

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Why All To Play For?

This is a rallying call for our sport! Although lawn bowls’ participation numbers have been in decline for a number of years as lifestyles have changed, there is huge cause for optimism. We have an incredible opportunity to get more people playing with the spotlight of Birmingham 2022. 2,000 clubs across the country means that our sport is available to millions of people without a long travelling time. It’s all to play for thanks to the passion and hard work of our wonderful volunteers at all levels.  Our sport’s core values appeal to a large section of society; our research tells us that 93% have heard of bowls; and physically it is easy to play. All this means we have an opportunity to change the way people think and feel about bowls.

What are the core values that mean it’s All To Play For?

Bowls is a sport for everybody. You can play anywhere and at any time, no matter your age, gender, ethnicity or ability. It is accessible and doable.

Bowls makes us feel better. It puts a spring in our steps, delivering real mental and physical health benefits and an essential social lifeline. It is vitalizing.

Bowls is togetherness, family and friends, old and new. It provides a level playing field across ages and genders. Competition amongst friends and family is authentic and clubs feel like a home from home. It is sociable.

Bowls gets under your skin. It is a sport that draws you in. From the local park to an England shirt, the thrill of a perfect bowl remains the same. It is mesmerizing.

How can we make the sport All To Play For?

Bowls England have introduced Bowls Bash and PlayBowls in 2022, in order to make the gateway into bowls far easier for casual players to get their first taste of this addictive sport. With the huge coverage of the Commonwealth Games, Bowls England is working hard to capitalise on that interest to drive new people onto the green.

Our fantastic clubs are open and ready to receive new players! You can find them at PlayBowls and also on our Club Finder.

Find A Club Near You

Individual bowlers can also make a difference! By doing the three things below, you can help spread the word about our sport and all its great benefits.

  1. Encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to join you at your club for a game!

  2. Share, like, retweet, comment – interaction with Bowls England on social media will definitely help spread the news.

  3. Speak positively about the sport you love! You are the best advocates bowls has – so tell people why its a great thing to try.

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