#BacktoBowls with Christina Hurst

25th April, 2021

We love hearing your #BackToBowls stories. Today we share the story of Christina Hurst, a member of the picturesque Warwick Boat Club BC in Warwickshire.

What have you missed the most?
Easily put I have missed everything, the competition, the camaraderie bond I feel with our teams that can be as strong as the bond with family. The bowling community of Warwick Boat Club is so friendly and supportive. We have a four rink green sitting beside the River Avon overlooked by the majestic Warwick Castle.

When are you playing again?
We opened our green last weekend (18th April) with a ceremonial mixed pairs match. The Warwickshire Women’s Bowling Association President is a member of our club and she cut the ribbon to open the season.

What are you looking forward to?
I have always loved team sport there is a sense of connection and belonging associated with being in a team – even if you team doesn’t win. I can’t wait for our league matches to start.

Who are you looking forward to playing with, or spending time with?
I enter the County and National competitions with my husband and sister-in-law and we play together in a Warwick Triples competition. These are my favourite games, working together and seeing how we improve year on year.

Thank you to Christina for taking the time out for our #BackToBowls series of interviews.

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