#BacktoBowls with Kirsty Richards

18th April, 2021

We caught up with the 2017 Women’s National Singles Champion, from Whitnash BC in Warwickshire who returned to the green earlier in the week.

BE: How much have you missed bowling over the last 12 months?
Kirsty: I don’t think I really realised how much I would miss it until having the time off. At first I was almost glad to take a break, but I came back for the first time on Tuesday and felt like I had never been away.

BE: What have you missed the most?
Kirsty: I’ve missed the competitions. It’s a good thing to focus your mind on, and keeps the brain active – I’ve also missed the socialising aspect of the sport.

BE: When are you playing again?
Kirsty: I had my first roll-up on Tuesday and will be trying to get as much practice in as possible bfore our competitions start at the beginning of May.

BE: What are you looking forward to?
Kirsty: I’m looking forward to playing competitions again and actually having things to play for. It’s nice to have an end goal such as trying to qualify for the National Finals, so that will be my main focus. This year feels like a fresh start too, and it will be the same for many people which I think is a good thing.

BE: Who are you looking forward to playing with?
Kirsty: I’m looking forward to playing with my team mate Helen Slimm – we play the pairs, triples and fours together. It was our first year playing together last year and it worked well. We like to have a laugh on the green and enjoy ourselves, even though she doesn’t always bowl the jack where I’d like it! 😁

Thank you to Kirsty for taking the time out for our #BackToBowls series of interviews.

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