The British Bowls Championships (26 – 27th June) sees the 2023/24 National Champions from each home nation facing each other for the title of British Bowls Champion.

Here’s who will be representing England across the 14 competitions.

Lewis King (Appleyard BC, Kent)

Men's Singles

Stef Branfield (Clevedon BC, Somerset)

Women’s Singles

Nick Wardle & Joe Dawson (Kingscroft BC, Leicestershire)

Men’s Pairs

Carol Gaskins & Donna Grant (Oxford City & County BC, Oxfordshire)

Women’s Pairs

Michael Gomme, Matthew Hyde & Andrew Briden (Gerrards Cross BC, Buckinghamshire)

Men’s Triples

Sophie Tolchard, Nicole Rogers & Harriet Stevens (Kings BC, Devon)

Women’s Triples

Steve Hill, Harry Mycock, Dominic McVittie & Martin Spencer (Royal Mail Cart BC, Lincolnshire)

Men’s Fours

Jemma Tuohy, Yasmina Hasan, Elizabeth Anderson & Debbie Souter (Egham BC, Surrey)

Women’s Fours

Gary Clark, Martin Sampson, Simon Greenwood & David McCallum (Camberley BC, Surrey)

Men’s Senior Fours

Leen Hampshire, Carole Wolton, Sandra Aldridge & Anne Bernard (Ryde Marina BC, Isle of Wight)

Women’s Senior Fours:

Tom Holmes (Cheltenham BC, Gloucestershire)

Men’s Under 25 Singles

Emily Kernick (Royal Leamington Spa BC, Warwickshire)

Women’s Under 25 Singles

Lily-Mae Adams & Emily Kernick (Welford-On-Avon BC & Royal Leamington Spa BC, Warwickshire)

Women’s Under 25 Pairs

Ollie Shearing (North Greenwich BC, Middlesex)

Men’s Under 18 Singles

See our National Champions in action at the British Bowls Championships across 26th – 27th June at Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa. Register for free tickets via the button below.


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