Bromley maintain bid for inter-club double

18th September, 2021

The stage is set for an exciting final day for the Bowls England domestic programme at Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa tomorrow when the national inter-club events reach their conclusion.

The semi-finals of the Men’s and Women’s Top Club will take centre stage tomorrow morning, with the final scheduled for later in the day. The final four in the Men’s Top Club is Culm Vale (Devon), Atherley (Hampshire), Bromley (Kent) and Felixstowe & Suffolk (Suffolk), whilst the Women’s Top Club features Kings (Devon), Norfolk (Norfolk), Appleyard (Kent) and Wigton (Cumbria).

Also tomorrow the final of the Tony Allcock Trophy will feature Bromley (Kent) and Banbury Central (Oxfordshire), whilst Reading (Berkshire) and Burton House (Lincolnshire) will meet in the final of the Men’s National Club Two Fours.


Tony Allcock Trophy


Bromley, Kent bt St Austell, Cornwall 30-23

Rink scores (Bromley skips first): G Brock bt P King 12-10; C Smith bt G Grose 18-13


Broadway, Worcestershire bt Sandy Conservative, Bedfordshire 34-21

Rink scores (Broadway skips first): D Hall bt R Barker 20-5; J Oliver lost to G Osborne 14-16


Banbury Central, Oxfordshire bt Alton Social, Hampshire 28-12

Rink scores (Banbury Central skips first): K McNeill bt D Attwell 15-7; N Galletly bt M Holden 13-5


Wanstead Central, Essex bt Blaby, Leicestershire 32-30

Rink scores (Wanstead Central skips first): K Fitzgerald lost to M Greasley 4-23; P Whellams bt B Hawkins 28-7



Bromley, Kent bt Broadway, Worcestershire 31-25

Rink scores (Bromley skips first): G Brock lost to J Oliver 10-16; C Smith bt D Hall 21-9


Banbury Central, Oxfordshire bt Wanstead Central, Essex 32-24

Rink scores (Banbury Central skips first): K McNeill lost to P Whellams 14-17; N Galletly bt K Fitzgerald 18-7


Men’s Club Two Fours:


Burton House, Lincolnshire bt White Rock, Sussex 26-24

Rink scores (Burton House skips first): M Asplen bt S Godfrey 20-8; W Phoenix lost to S Lavender 6-16


Cheltenham, Gloucestershire bt Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire 22-19

Rink scores (Cheltenham skips first): N Kitchen bt J McGuinness 11-10; M Cuthbert bt A Briden 11-9


Workington, Cumbria bt Harlow, Essex 28-18

Rink scores (Workington skips first): J Park bt J Oakes 12-8; D Forster bt G Hurley 16-10


Reading, Berkshire bt Crediton, Devon 28-19

Rink scores (Reading skips first): BJ Byles bt I Bond 12-9; R Newman bt R Paxton 16-10



Burton House, Lincolnshire bt Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Rink scores (Burton House skips first): M Asplen lost to M Cuthbert 11-13; W Phoenix bt N Kitchen 11-8


Reading, Berkshire bt Workington, Cumbria 31-28

Rink scores (Reading skips first): BJ Byles bt D Forster 22-6 ; R Newman lost to J Park 9-22


Men’s Top Club


Culm Vale, Devon bt Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire 3-2

Atherley, Hampshire bt Langwith Junction, Nottinghamshire 5-0

Felixstowe & Suffolk, Suffolk bt Romford, Essex 4-1

Bromley, Kent bt Wellingborough, Northamptonshire 4-1


For full results by discipline, click here.


Women’s Top Club


Wigton, Cumbria bt Oxford City & County, Oxfordshire 3.5-0.5

Appleyard, Kent bt Oakley, Hampshire 4-0

Kings, Devon bt Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire 4-0

Norfolk, Norfolk bt Wanstead Central, Essex 2-2 (66-57)


For full results by discipline, click here.

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