Bowls England has been inundated with enquiries from clubs and county associations regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, and we will ensure that each and every enquiry is responded to as soon as possible.

We have produced a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document in response to the enquiries received, which have been similar in their nature. This will continue to be updated as we deal with the ever‐changing situation.

Should you have an enquiry that is not covered within this document, in accordance with Government guidance the Bowls England staff team is working remotely and we ask that you use electronic communication (preferably e‐mail) in order that enquiries can be forwarded to the appropriate member of staff. Please use contact form at:

Frequently Asked Questions: Issue Two (Updated Monday 23rd March)

All other items published regarding the coronavirus can be found at the following links below:

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British Isles Bowls
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20th March 2020: Sport England Guidance – ‘How to stay active while you’re at home’


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