Created in 2017, Bowls Surrey is the result of the integration of the Surrey County Bowling Association (SCBA) and the Surrey County Women’s Bowling Association (SCWBA). Bowling in Surrey has a long tradition. Its first clubs included Croydon founded in 1749, Boileau (1850), Clapham Ramblers (1876) and 16 other clubs founded before SCBA came into being in 1911. Sadly, few of these early clubs still exist. But Surrey still has 128 Clubs and a combined membership of 6625.

Bowls Surrey has a mixed environment geographically. Its boundaries include the old boroughs of South London up to the Thames and stretch down to the rural heathlands of Haslemere and Camberley. It is a lively environment, Bowls Surrey is a key part of the Home Counties, it participates in National Competitions including Middleton Cup and Johns Trophy ( 22 times winner). It has a keen and active management committee committed to supporting the best of Bowling to all comers whether they are social bowlers in it for companionship and a bit of fun, or adrenaline fuelled competitors out to win their County badge or even the National Championship at Leamington. Bowls Surrey acts as the conduit between Bowls England and Surrey based Clubs, it seeks to represent those clubs in the best way possible and to keep those clubs fully up to date in National and International information and guidance.

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County Details

Contact: Sheron Mitchell
Mobile: 07729 022091
Agreed Centre: Leatherhead

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