The County of Worcestershire is by definition a small county set in a beautiful part of the country. The city of Worcester has the River Severn on its doorstep and also boasts the famous Malvern Hills within its boundaries. The County Flag and Logo incorporate both these features together with the iconic Worcester Black Pear which has been widely used in Heraldry around the city for centuries.

Bowling has been a popular sport for a great number of years. The earliest records show that the oldest club is Worcester Bowling Club founded in 1867 and the newest addition is Churchill and Blakedown Bowling Club which was founded in 2016. Nine other affiliated clubs have been in existence for well over 100 years and continue to thrive.

The Men’s Association was formed in 1930 and the Right Honourable Earl of Plymouth became President, a role he retained for 13 years. The Ladies Association was formed in 1947 when Mrs E. Lewis became their first President. Both Associations continued to function successfully for many years, and in 2010 they joined forces and became the current Unified Association we have today, with 32 member Clubs.

County Details

Contact: June Bell
Tel: 01905 28811
Agreed Centre: Worcester

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