Enter now for 2020 National Competitions

14th November, 2019

Bowls England is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new online system for the management of national events from 2020 that can be found at www.bowlsenglandcomps.com

All competitors are required to register at the top of the Competitions Portal to create an account. This is a brand new system and previous log-in details will not work. Please note that a different email address must be used to register an account for each named entrant.

Once registered, each competitor will then be able to select which events they wish to enter and proceed to the relevant payment pages, after agreeing to the respective eligibility criteria and Bowls England’s Terms and Conditions for entry.

Entrants will receive an email confirming entry and payment into the respective events, and will be able to view all events entered within the ‘My Account’ area at the top of the page.

The e-mail will also be used to communicate draw information during the playing season.

The deadline for entries to be received is 1st February 2020.

For any questions, or if further assistance is required, please contact comps@bowlsengland.com

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