Data Protection

All membership organisations have a legal and moral duty to protect the data of their members.

Data Protection was identified as an area of concern by many of our member clubs in the recent surveys that we have carried out. We’re here to help eradicate any nervousness surrounding the laws and in our next episode of ‘The Extra End’, our Director of Development, Adam Tanner, advises clubs on the key parts of the current data protection laws that are relevant to our clubs.

The short podcast is ideal for all club and county administrators, focusing on the laws from a bowls-specific view, and we hope that any concerns you may have can be eased.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May 2018, replacing the Data Protection Act (DPA). In order to assist Clubs in meeting their responsibilities under the regulations, we have also produced a number of guidance documents:

Supporting Documentation:
Bowls England GDPR Guidance Note for Affiliated Clubs and County Associations (Issued: February 2018)
Bowls England GDPR Guidance Note for Affiliated Clubs and County Associations (Issued: May 2018)
Bowls England GDPR Guidance Note – Data Protection Fee (Updated October 2020)

Sample documents
Bowls England Privacy Policy

Other Resources

The Sport & Recreation Alliance (SRA) has produced a suite of GDPR 1 deposit casino compliant template documents that can be used by organisations across the sport and recreation sector. Access to these is free, you just have to register your email with them for access. You can access the SRA resources here.

More information
For more information contact Alistair Hollis on 07765 050408 or email and he would be pleased to assist you.

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