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All sports have their own language but not to worry!  Now you’re ready to get started, here are a few terms that will help you understand how to play.

  • Rink – the lane on which you’ll play your Match. There are 6 Rinks on most bowls greens.
  • Ditch – the trough surrounding the outside of the green
  • Jack – the target ball to which you are trying to get close
  • Mat – from where you deliver the bowl
  • Kiss – when your bowl touches the Jack either when you bowl it or it is knocked into the Jack by another bowl
  • End – when all players have bowled their 3 bowls at the Jack
  • Set – this is made up of 5 Ends, whoever scores the most points wins the Set
  • Power-play – a chance to earn double points on an End
  • Tie-break – one End to decide the winner if the Sets are tied at 1-1, one bowl per player
  • Spot – the position on the Rink where the Jack at the start, and if the Jack is hit off the Rink


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