Laws of the Sport Crystal Mark Third Edition (Version 3.1)

5th February, 2019

The revisions to the Laws of the Sport which were approved at World Bowls Council Meetings in December 2016 and April 2018 have been incorporated into the ‘Crystal Mark Third Edition’ to create Version 3.1 of that document.

A copy of both Version 3.1 and a document containing the Revisions can be downloaded from the ‘Laws of the Sport’ section under the ‘Laws & Umpiring Link’ on the World Bowls website:

The section has also been updated to provide an explanation of the Laws review and approval process. Your attention is drawn to the final paragraph in the section which explains what Laws and Laws-related documents individuals should have in their possession whilst participating in the sport.

As a by-product of the creation of Version 3.1 of the Laws, the text associated with the ‘WB Laws Decisions’ section under the ‘Laws & Umpiring Link’ on the WB website has been updated and the Revisions approved in 2016 and 2018 have been removed.

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