Medal Rush for England at Europeans

27th September, 2019

Bowls England has secured three medals at the European Championships, which concluded today in Guernsey.

In the Men’s Pairs, Andrew Walters (Worcestershire) and Tristan Morton (Huntingdonshire) topped the table to win gold, with Devon Cooper (Hertfordshire) and Katherine Rednall (Norfolk) combining to secure the bronze medal in the Women’s Pairs.

As a result of their performances, the quartet also won bronze medals with all scores combined, narrowly missing out on a silver medal on shot difference.

The quartet finished eighth in the Mixed Fours.

England Results:
Men’s Pairs:

vs President’s Select (John Colley & David Weale) 11-1, 6-5;
vs Ireland (Simon Martin & Ian McClure) 8-7, 6-5;
vs Isle of Man (Mark McGreal & Clive McGreal) 14-5, 14-2
vs Guernsey (Todd Priaulx & Matt Le Ber) 12-1, 6-6
vs Israel (Danny Slodownik & Allan Saitowitz) 14-1, 9-8
vs Sweden (Per Arne Anderson & Olle Backgren) 8-2, 9-2
vs Cyprus (Bob Manson & Loukas Paraskeva) 9-2, 3-4

Women’s Pairs:
vs Sweden (Kristina Akerlund & Lena Vedberg) 5-5, 8-2;
vs Jersey (Kim Gallichan & Fiona Archibald) 14-3, 8-10;
vs Scotland (Dee Hoggan & Natalie Docherty) 13-3, 7-7
vs Netherlands (Ineke Nagtegaal & Guurtje Copier) 7-5, 5-5
vs Spain (Yvonne Bryden & Carol Broomfield) 9-4, 16-1
vs Cyprus (Sol Roberton & Irene Owen) 5-7, 11-1
vs Germany (Jana Zapp & Annett Limmer) 8-3, 17-3

Mixed Fours:
vs Wales (Alis Butten, Gemma Amos, Owain Dando & Daniel Davies) 4-5, 8-7;
vs Jersey (Kim Gallichan, Fiona Archibald, Derek Boswell & Greg Davis) 14-3, 8-8;
vs Sweden (Kristina Akerlund, Per Arne Anderson, Lena Vedberg & Olle Backgren) 16-8, 19-0;
vs Guernsey (Todd Priaulx, Rose Ogier, Lucy Beere & Matt Le Ber) 6-7, 5-10
vs Germany (Ulf Schaedel, Annett Limmer, Mirko Limmer & Jana Zapp) 10-6, 9-4
vs Isle of Man (Janice Pilling, Bernice McGreal, Clive McGreal & Mark McGreal) 5-6, 1-9
vs Spain (Yvonne Bryden, Carol Broomfield, Tom Rogers & Graham Cathcart) 11-5, 8-9

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