Men’s Senior Pairs – Opening Rounds

16th August, 2019

The opening stages of the Men’s Senior Pairs competition are taking place today at Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa.

Preliminary Round:
Lincolnshire (Paul Cook and Dave Cullum) bt Cambridgeshire (Paul Gordon and Peter Rodgers) 19-10;
Suffolk (Clive Webb and Adrian Holden) bt Cornwall (Steven Rowse and Neil Stephens) 14-12;
Northamptonshire (Brian Briggs and Allen Simms) bt Lancashire (David Lockhart and Rhys Vaughan) 21-11

First Round:
Yorkshire (Cliff Holmes and Peter Oliver) bt Gloucestershire (Dave Boulton and Paul Keicher) 17-13;
Essex (Conway Fleming and Brian Payne) bt Warwickshire (Rob Robinson and Richard Brittan) 18-16;
Berkshire (Aubrey Merry and Mark Hancock) bt Nottinghamshire (Mike Leafe and Richard Button) 15-14;
Surrey (Phil Pugh and Kevin Clarke) bt Durham (Malcolm Peach and John Thurlbeck) 18-11;
Hampshire (John Keat and Colin Thresher) bt Cumbria (John Bell and Rick Gallagher) 17-13;
Norfolk (Barry Flatt and Gary Goodrum) bt Sussex (Kenny Bolton and Alec Martin) 22-15;
Huntingdonshire (Stuart Woodcock and Tony Reed) bt Derbyshire (Roger Poole and Glyn Barnet) 21-18;
Herefordshire (Martin Smith and Mark Atkins) bt Leicestershire (Paul Young and Roger Cooper) 16-14;
Wiltshire (Terry Walton and David Jones) bt Kent (Mick Homersham and Gordon Charlton) 20-17;
Somerset (Colin Gazzard and Mike Cooper) bt Bedfordshire (Dave Taylor and David Whelan) 15-14;
Hertfordshire (Chris Sheriff and Phil Russell) bt Northumberland (Bill Blyth and Gren Richardson) 15-14;
Oxfordshire (Raymond Gaskins and Howard Watts) bt Isle of Wight (John Crews and Martin Butchers) 16-7;
Middlesex (Attilio Ciampini and David Pitt) bt Devon (Rob Honeywell and Alan Hirst) 20-3;
Buckinghamshire (Dave Labrum and Malc Drage) bt Dorset (Warren Smith and Mike Chislett) 17-4;
Lincolnshire (Paul Cook and Dave Cullum) bt Worcestershire (Selwyn Brough and Mike Peirce) 17-13;
Northamptonshire (Brian Briggs and Allen Simms) bt Suffolk (Clive Webb and Adrian Holden) 19-9.

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Entry to the championships is free of charge. Chargeable parking is available in Victoria Park and in nearby town centre car parks. The Tournament Office will be open daily from 8.30am until close of play. Should you have any queries related to the National Championships please telephone 07444 272672.

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