Men’s Two-Wood Singles Championship

27th August, 2019

The opening stages of the Men’s National Two-Wood Singles Championship, supported by the Friends of English Bowling, took place today at Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa.

Preliminary Round:
Ali Leeks (Framlingham Castle, S’folk) bt Nigel Laity (Chacewater, C’wall) 14-11;
Nick Brett (Warboys, Hunts) bt Terry Priddle (Purnell, S’set) 18-6;
Steve Marrett (VCD, Kent) bt Tom Baker (Wootton Park, N’folk) 15-9;
Shaun Jones (Ross-on-Wye, Heref) bt Paul Wallace (Silloth, Cumb) 16-7;
Nick Revell (Salisbury, Wilts) bt David Walker (Northampton West End, N’hants) 15-8;
Ryan Lowe (Kingscroft, Leics) bt Matt Short (Old Dean, Surrey) 15-13;
Jamie Barker (St Neots, Cambs) bt Tim Godman (Stony Stratford, Bucks) 17-6;
Paul Wigham (Grays Town, Essex) bt Paul Daley (Pennycross Sports, Devon) 16-7;
Daniel Hall (Luton Town, Beds) bt Brian Poulter (Usworth CW, D’ham) 16-9;
Stephen Dilks (York RI Amateur, Yorks) bt John Keat (Atherley, Hants) 15-14;
Chris Hanslip (Blossom Way, Lincs) bt Carl Fountain (Poole Park, D’set) 16-8.

First Round:
Amjad Rana (Bulwell Forest, Notts) bt Nigel Hooper (Sidley Martlets, Sussex) 16-11
Charlie Souter (Weybridge, Surrey) bt Dave Payne (Sandy Conservative, Beds) 16-9;
Gordon Niven (Bolton, Lancs) bt Simon Doig (Fleming Park, Hants) 16-15;
Ben Paulley (Poole Park, D’set) bt Steve Mitchinson (Romford, Essex) 15-10;
Simon Richardson (Gosforth, N’land) bt Jake Pankhurst (Cambridge & County, Cambs) 16-9;
Kevin Williams (Porthleven, C’wall) received walkover from John Godman (Garston, Herts);
Mick Evans (Newport Pagnell, Bucks) bt Edward Wright (Driffield Recreation, Yorks) 15-14;
Andrew Walters (Worcester, Worcs) bt Rob Ferguson (Bearsted & Thurnham, Kent) 15-8;
Jim Bland (Shiplake Village, Oxon) bt Roberto Prati (Long Eaton Town, Derbs) 14-13;
Jonathan West (Boston, Lincs) bt John Pearce (Bembridge, IOW) 15-10;
Martin Heitzman (Avenue (Leamington), Warks) bt John Sweeney (Hendon, M’sex) 18-3;
Ryan Whitlock (Shaldon, Devon) bt David Bolt (Silksworth, D’ham) 16-14;
Josh Phillips (Ardagh, Glos) bt Mitchell Cooper (Suttons, Berks) 15-11;
Ali Leeks (Framlingham Castle, S’folk) bt Nick Brett (Warboys, Hunts) 16-8;
Shaun Jones (Ross-on-Wye, Heref) bt Steve Marrett (VCD, Kent) 16-14;
Ryan Lowe (Kingscroft, Leics) bt Nick Revell (Salisbury, Wilts) 18-3;
Jamie Barker (St Neots, Cambs) bt Paul Wigham (Grays Town, Essex) 16-15;
Stephen Dilks (York RI Amateur, Yorks) bt Daniel Hall (Luton Town, Beds) 14-11;
Rob Bourne (Vines Park, Worcs) bt Chris Hanslip (Blossom Way, Lincs) 18-5;
Tom Bishop (Bromley, Kent) bt Wayne Snook (Holt, Wilts) 17-6;
Mark Ireland (Erdington Court, Warks) bt Michael Owen (Cavaliers, Notts) 17-6
John Baird (Carlisle Subscription, Cumb) bt Joe Sims (Norbridge, S’folk) 15-10;
Dave Love (Wellingborough, N’hants) bt Matt White (Weybridge, Surrey) 14-11;
Ross Murphy (Buntingford, Herts) bt Stuart Holland (Spartan & Lakeside, Sussex) 14-7;
Peter Ward (Ringwood, Hants) bt Andrew Owens (Bath Men’s, S’set) 14-11;
Simon Jones (Reading, Berks) bt Phillip Broughton (Long Eaton Town, Devon) 17-11;
Peter Wilkinson (County Arts, N’folk) bt Geoff Perkins (Stratton, C’wall) 15-12;
Joe Dawson (Kingscroft, Leics) bt Ray Topping (Alnwick, N’land) 17-7;
Lee Haywood (Shaldon, Devon) bt Darren Griffith (Shanklin, IOW) 14-13;
Tristan Morton (Parkway, Hunts) bt John Muldoon (Bolton, Lancs) 16-9;
Phil Beames (Cam Mills, Glos) bt Darren Sharpe (Adderbury, Oxon) 16-11;
Kevin Ward (Holtwhites, M’sex) bt Mark Atkins (Ledbury, Heref) 14-13.

Second Round:
Charlie Souter (Weybridge, Surrey) bt Amjad Rana (Bulwell Forest, Notts) 16-9;
Ben Paulley (Poole Park, D’set) bt Gordon Niven (Bolton, Lancs) 14-10;
Kevin Williams (Porthleven, C’wall) bt Simon Richardson (Gosforth, N’land) 16-8;
Andrew Walters (Worcester, Worcs) bt Mick Evans (Newport Pagnell, Bucks) 17-4;
Jonathan West (Boston, Lincs) bt Jim Bland (Shiplake Village, Oxon) 16-5;
Martin Heitzman (Avenue (Leamington), Warks) bt Ryan Whitlock (Shaldon, Devon) 16-6;
Josh Phillips (Ardagh, Glos) bt Ali Leeks (Framlingham Castle, S’folk) 17-13;
Shaun Jones (Ross-on-Wye, Heref) bt Ryan Lowe (Kingscroft, Leics) 16-5;
Jamie Barker (St Neots, Cambs) bt Stephen Dilks (York RI Amateur, Yorks) 15-11;
Tom Bishop (Bromley, Kent) bt Rob Bourne (Vines Park, Worcs) 15-13;
Mark Ireland (Erdington Court, Warks) bt John Baird (Carlisle Subscription, Cumb) 15-14;
Dave Love (Wellingborough, N’hants) bt Ross Murphy (Buntingford, Herts) 14-10;
Peter Ward (Ringwood, Hants) bt Simon Jones (Reading, Berks) 14-9;
Peter Wilkinson (County Arts, N’folk) bt Joe Dawson (Kingscroft, Leics) 14-8;
Lee Haywood (Shaldon, Devon) bt Tristan Morton (Parkway, Hunts) 16-11;
Kevin Ward (Holtwhites, M’sex) bt Phil Beames (Cam Mills, Glos) 19-9

Last 16:
Ben Paulley (Poole Park, D’set) bt Charlie Souter (Weybridge, Surrey) 15-8;
Andrew Walters (Worcester, Worcs) bt Kevin Williams (Porthleven, C’wall) 14-9;
Jonathan West (Boston, Lincs) bt Martin Heitzman (Avenue (Leamington), Warks) 17-14;
Shaun Jones (Ross-on-Wye, Heref) bt Josh Phillips (Ardagh, Glos) 17-4;
Tom Bishop (Bromley, Kent) bt Jamie Barker (St Neots, Cambs) 16-12;
Mark Ireland (Erdington Court, Warks) bt Dave Love (Wellingborough, N’hants) 13-12;
Peter Wilkinson (County Arts, N’folk) bt Peter Ward (Ringwood, Hants) 16-7;
Lee Haywood (Shaldon, Devon) bt Kevin Ward (Holtwhites, M’sex) 16-11

The Men’s Two-Wood Singles Championship will conclude tomorrow with amended timings to that previously advised. Please note that the new timings are as follows: Quarter-Final – 9.30am, Semi-Final – 11am, Final 12.30pm.

Official photographs can be viewed and purchased at:

Entry to the championships is free of charge. Chargeable parking is available in Victoria Park and in nearby town centre car parks. The Tournament Office will be open daily from 8.30am until close of play. Should you have any queries related to the National Championships please telephone 07444 272672.

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