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Presidential Team

Our Presidential Team acts as positive ambassadors for both Bowls England and our sport.

The Presidential Team comprises of the President (P), Senior Vice President (SVP) and the Junior Vice President (JVP).  Presidential Team responsibilities include:


  • Acting as a positive ambassador for both Bowls England and our sport
  • Advocating our ‘Fit of the Future’ Strategy and communicate Bowls England’s messages
  • Representing Bowls England at our national events including our National Finals, Annual Awards Event and AGM
  • Celebrating with our clubs during our Celebration Match fixtures
  • Attending and recognising achievements at County and Club functions


Elections are made in accordance with Bowls England Regulation 6: Presidential Appointments. The latest Presidential Protocol can be found here.

David King-Taylor


David joined the Presidential Team to help everybody to realise the joy and benefit of playing and being involved in our sport. He believes that grass root leadership through participation is essential for us to be fit for the future generations to enjoy and sees the role of the Presidential team as a vital part of our strategy. Since becoming involved in the world of bowling some twenty years ago, David has always looked to take on officer roles including Presidential duties at his local club, local leagues and administrative duties at county level.

Sheila Storey

Senior Vice President

Sheila is excited to serve as a member of the Presidential team for the next few years and is motivated by the desire to give back to the sport of bowls. She considers it a great honour to be a part of the team and believes that she has a lot to contribute. Sheila supports the ‘Fit for the Future’ strategy and is enthusiastic about promoting the sport visually. She thinks that televising matches, as seen in the Commonwealth Games, would generate interest and attract more players to the sport. Sheila believes that showcasing the fitness and well-being aspects of the sport is the key to achieving recognition.

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