STATEMENT | Transgender Policy

1st April, 2021

Following a board meeting in July 2020, we committed to undertake a review of a number of our existing policies.  We identified our Transgender policy needed updating and began this process with the support of our development arm, the Bowls Development Alliance, and in consultation with a range of experts.

Whilst the physical demands of bowls are more modest than most sports, it is still a gender-affected sport.  Our new policy is being designed to balance a desire for inclusivity, so everybody can feel welcome in bowls, with the importance of ensuring fair competition.  More broadly, we anticipate more mixed and open competition in the future as people increasingly consume sport on a more casual basis.

We are at the final stages of consultation on this complex matter and intend to have our new policy in place shortly. We do not wish to comment on hypothetical changes to the policy before it is finalized and been considered by our board.

In the meantime, if any affiliated clubs have any questions on this topic, please drop us a note on

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