Vandepeer clinches Sutton Winson Trophy

11th August, 2019

Kent’s Joseph Vandepeer has won the Sutton Winson Trophy at a rain-drenched Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa.

The 17-year-old, from Canterbury BC, defeated Leicestershire’s Kat Bowman 7-0, 8-2 in this afternoon’s final.

Vandepeer reached the final with a tie-break win in the semi-final over Oxfordshire’s Joseph Justin, with Thringstone’s Bowman also requiring a tie-break to defeat Nottinghamshire’s Oliver Sloan in the last four.

Bowls England wishes to thank Sutton Winson for their continued support of youth development.

Last 32:
Kat Bowman (Leicestershire) bt Millie Tuck (Dorset) 4-4, 8-3;
Shannon Maughan (Buckinghamshire) bt Antony Hobby (Dorset) 4-7, 6-2, 1-0;
Finlay Williamson (Gloucestershire) bt Tegan Grewal (Leicestershire) 8-4, 3-6, 1-0;
Nathan Wood (Dorset) bt Alex Linter (Hampshire) 8-3, 9-3;
Oliver Sloan (Nottinghamshire) bt Rebecca Fey (Surrey) 0-8, 6-2, 1-0;
Matthew Bishop (Northumberland) bt Jorja Jackson (Huntingdonshire) 2-6, 7-3, 1-0;
Amica Fordy (Yorkshire) bt James Powell (Kent) 7-2, 5-4;
Maddie Burgess (Worcestershire) bt Ben Bywater (Derbyshire) 5-4, 6-5;
Aiden Maries (Warwickshire) bt Jack Bunting (Hertfordshire) 7-0, 0-7, 1-0;
Nicole Moseley (Norfolk) bt Millie Adkins (Worcestershire) 8-1, 1-6, 1-0;
Charlie Beeton (Suffolk) bt Kieran Chambers (Leicestershire) 0-8, 5-3, 1-0;
Joseph Justin (Oxfordshire) bt Alasdair Williams (Cornwall) 5-3, 5-6, 1-0;
Joseph Vandepeer (Kent) bt Luke Bell (Hampshire) 7-2, 5-2;
Christopher Moore (Devon) bt Josh Rowe (Kent) 7-6, 7-3;
Ella Crouch (Devon) bt Rebecca Turner (Hertfordshire) 4-5, 7-6, 1-0;
Emma Muir (Northamptonshire) bt Rhianna Russell (Hertfordshire) 8-3, 6-3.

Last 16:
Kat Bowman (Leicestershire) bt Shannon Maughan (Buckinghamshire) 0-7, 6-5, 1-0;
Nathan Wood (Dorset) bt Finlay Williamson (Gloucestershire) 8-2, 8-3;
Oliver Sloan (Nottinghamshire) bt Matthew Bishop (Northumberland) 8-1, 8-2;
Amica Fordy (Yorkshire) bt Maddie Burgess (Worcestershire) 7-2, 7-5;
Aiden Maries (Warwickshire) bt Nicole Moseley (Norfolk) 10-4, 7-4;
Joseph Justin (Oxfordshire) bt Charlie Beeton (Suffolk) 7-1, 6-5;
Joseph Vandepeer (Kent) bt Christopher Moore (Devon) 9-2, 5-3;
Emma Muir (Northamptonshire) bt Ella Crouch (Devon) 6-6, 8-7

Kat Bowman (Leicestershire) bt Nathan Wood (Dorset) 5-5, 7-2;
Oliver Sloan (Nottinghamshire) bt Amica Fordy (Yorkshire) 8-2, 6-1;
Joseph Justin (Oxfordshire) bt Aiden Maries (Warwickshire) 7-7, 7-5;
Joseph Vandepeer (Kent) bt Emma Muir (Northamptonshire) 6-2, 5-2

Kat Bowman (Leicestershire) bt Oliver Sloan (Nottinghamshire) 1-8, 7-0, 1-0;
Joseph Vandepeer (Kent) bt Joseph Justin (Oxfordshire) 2-6, 8-1, 1-0

Joseph Vandepeer (Kent) bt Kat Bowman (Leicestershire) 7-0, 8-2

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Entry to the championships is free of charge. Chargeable parking is available in Victoria Park and in nearby town centre car parks. The Tournament Office will be open daily from 8.30am until close of play. Should you have any queries related to the National Championships please telephone 07444 272672.

[Photo Credit: Allen Simms]

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