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About Our Board


Our Board of Directors is comprised of a mix of independent and non-independent directors and it meets regularly to conduct its business.


The role of our Board is to supervise the management of Bowls England and to discharge the responsibilities of our directors under the Companies Act in compliance with the Code for Sports Governance, which sets out good practice in terms of levels of transparency, accountability and financial integrity.


Our Board currently comprises of six Nominated Directors appointed by the Members and three Independent Directors appointed by our Board who are appointed on the basis of personal competencies, through an open recruitment process.


Members of the Board ordinarily serve a three year term.


Our Board’s main duties are to:


– Develop long term Strategic Plans

– Approve the Annual Operating Plan

– Approve operating budgets

– Set affiliation rates

– Supervise risk management and safety matters


Our Board, led by the Chair, shall undertake and maintain a written record of, an annual evaluation of its own skills, performance and that of Directors and Committees.


The process for our Election of Directors can be found in Regulation 3.

The Portfolio Remit for our Directors can be found in Regulation 4.

You can view our members of our Board here

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