Bowls England is a signatory to the UK Anti-Doping Rules. All players are reminded that the onus is on them to check any medication.

Bowls England is a signatory to the UK Anti-Doping Rules. All players are reminded that the onus is on them to check any medication.
Failure to do so and the provision of a ‘positive’ anti-doping test will result in severe disciplinary action.

Current anti-doping guidance can be found at:

The prohibited list for 2020 can be found at:

Many medications available for common medical conditions, such as asthma or hayfever, may contain prohibited substances. Players need to be aware that these are readily available in products prescribed by your doctor or bought over the counter in a pharmacy.

It is therefore important that you check any medication you are currently taking.

The advice from UK Anti-Doping is simple – check every medication before you use it, even if you have used it before. It is also important to remember that medications bought abroad may contain different substances to the same product purchased in the UK and you should always check before you take them.

Checking medications for prohibited substances

Global DRO provides a quick and easy means by which athletes and support personnel can check the status of medications based on the current Prohibited List. This website allows players to research any sort of medication they may wish to take in order to check if there are any substances contained within the medication that are included in WADA’s Prohibited List.

To access Global DRO, go to:

Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

When prescribed a substance or method, players should check if that medication is prohibited by checking Global DRO. If the medication is not prohibited, players can start using the prescribed medication or treatment. If the medication is prohibited, players should check with their prescribing physician if there are any alternative medications or treatments that are permitted.

If there are no permitted alternatives, any player that is selected for doping control during the Bowls England National Championships will have 10 working days to apply retroactively for a TUE. It is not necessary to obtain a TUE in advance of the Bowls England National Championships.

To download the TUE application form from World Bowls, go to:

All players are eligible for testing at any time, however players who are selected for international trials and events (including British Isles/Commonwealth Games/World Championships/Atlantic Championships) are more likely to be selected for doping control.

More information

To view the current anti-doping guidelines, go to the UKAD website at:

For more information contact Alistair Hollis on 07765 050408 or email and he would be pleased to assist you.

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