Getting the administrative side of your community bowls club right is an important part of ensuring success on the green.

If behind-the-scenes requirements are managed effectively, attention and energy can rightly be focussed on the rink.

Bowls England wants to ensure clubs comply with all necessary obligations, such as data protection, licensing and employment law.

Affiliated clubs have access to…
  • Legal Advice Support
  • Legal Licence Requirements
    • Alcohol
    • TV & Film
  • Data protection (GDPR) advice
  • Food Safety

All Bowls England affiliated clubs are issued with a User Name and Password to access the site. Please contact your Bowls England club contact (normally your club’s secretary) for these details.  We are unable to create individual accounts and you must log in using the club credentials.

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Legal Advice Support

Accessing Legal Advice Support

Affiliated clubs can also access our legal questions section. If you have any legal queries that need solving our legal team can take a quick look and offer an overview.

Note that in most instances this will be headline advice. If the case is complicated or requires a more detailed response then we would recommend you seek your own independent legal advice.

Members are able to seek further legal advice once logged in by completing the form below.

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