Jon Cockcroft

Chief Executive



Jon has been with the organisation since June 2020. Managing the Leadership Team, Jon is responsible for the delivery of the organisation strategy, overseeing all aspects of the operational plan and budget. Formerly Commercial Director at England Hockey, a key facet of Jon’s role is to drive more revenue into the sport. He also represents Bowls England internationally and acts as a spokesperson for our sport, as well as being the Bowls England representative with the BDA, Coach Bowls and EBACT as a board member.

Meet the Sport Development Team

Alistair Hollis

Head of Sport Development


✉️ | 📞 01929 500965

Alistair is a key member of the Leadership Team. As Head of Sport Development, he is responsible for overseeing the relationship with Counties & Clubs to ensure the delivery of a high quality experience. Alistair is tasked with driving participation programmes which increase the numbers of people playing the sport.  He manages the competition and bowls event programme, acts as the tournament director for the National Finals, whilst also working with the Performance Director and National Managers to deliver a professional, positive performance environment which maximizes the talents of our players.

Laura Blatherwick

Events Officer


✉️ | 📞 01929 500967

Laura joined Bowls England in May 2021, and is tasked with planning & delivering all bowls events. Specifically, she ensures the delivery of an exceptional event experience for spectators, players and staff. Having previously worked for British Swimming, Laura is also building an event workforce of ‘Bowls Makers’ to support the staff team deliver bowls events. She will also look to evolve the Celebration Match programme.

Lee Rowland

Sports Operations Officer


✉️ | 📞 01929 500966

Lee is the lead on our annual competition programme, acting as the first point of contact on day to day operations, and has been with the team for three years. This includes ensuring all elements of the competitor experience are delivered. He also is responsible for the competition element of the National Finals and other domestic events. He also manages all travel, accommodation & logistics for all performance teams.

Jasbir Batt

Clubs and Participation Officer


✉️ | 📞 01929 500969

Jasbir joined the team in January 2023 with the main aim of supporting our affiliated clubs and maximising participation throughout the sport. He helps to build and manage relationships which can help drive participation. He works with affiliated clubs on membership services to break down the barriers to participations and evolve their business models. Jasbir manages the Bowls Big Weekend, PlayBowls portal, Bowls Bash and similar participation campaigns. In addition, he manages the club loans, bursaries, facility and greens enquiries.

Meet the Business Operations and Finance teams

Vikki Underwood

Head of Business Operations


✉️ | 📞 01929 500960

Joining the team in November 2023, Vikki is part of the organisation’s leadership team playing a key role in delivering our strategy and developing a positive organisational culture. She is also responsible for the effectiveness of all operational business processes, creating a positive and productive working environment for the staff team. In addition, Vikki leads and directs the organisation’s governance function in line with Sport England’s current Code of Governance while providing governance support and advice to County Associations and Clubs.

Moira Drost

Finance And Administration Officer


✉️ | 📞 01929 500961

Moira is a key member of the Bowls England Finance team. She deals with all aspects of this function, in particularly processing income from things such as competitions. Alongside her finance responsibilities, Moira manages the affiliation process, including Associate Memberships, tournament licenses and supports with club insurance.

Emma Hall

Finance Manager


✉️ | 📞 01929 500962

Emma joined the team in June 2021 on a part time basis as the Financial Manager.  She provides management oversight of the company ensuring the financial processes are robust, supports the annual external audit and guarantees the statutory accounts are prepared and subsequently approved by the Board and Members. She works across the company supporting the development of the annual budget and prepare any funding submissions.  Emma works to support our affiliated clubs on any complex financial queries and supports with the management of development and club loans.

Katherine Miller

People Officer


✉️ | 📞 01929 500968

Katherine joined the team in January 2024. She is responsible for shaping and contributing to the development of a positive, effective, values-driven culture amongst Bowls England’s representatives including Staff, Board, Presidential team and key volunteers. Katherine is the first point of contact for customer enquiries by telephone or email. She also leads on all internal communications to improve effectiveness and ensure company information is managed and shared effectively.

Juliette Maggs-Bowen

Governance and Compliance Officer



Joining the team in March 2024, Juliette is responsible for managing the day-to-day delivery of the organisation’s governance work and works across the sport to ensure standards of good governance are met. She also ensures Bowls England’s policies and procedures are in place, fit for purpose, easily available and applied. Juliette is our safeguarding expert and central point of contact, working across the sport to ensure we deliver high-quality safeguarding standards and practices.

Meet the Communications Team

Nicole Dyer

Head of Marketing and Communications


✉️ | 📞 01929 500970

Nicole joined the team in April 2023. She manages the marketing, brand and communication strategies, in order to position the organisation and the sport in a powerful and consistent manner. She oversees all marketing and communications functions in the business; ticketing campaigns, website, social media, advertising and media enquiries. Nicole is also tasked with developing media relationships and exploiting opportunities to raise bowls’ profile.

Daniel Ellicott

Media and Content Officer


✉️ | 📞 01929 500964

Joining the team in April 2022, Daniel is tasked with keeping our social media channels and website active. His digital skills showcase our sport through inspiring stories, imagery and videos. Daniel also covers international events from the European Championships to Birmingham 2022. He is responsible for collating content which is sent via newsletters, news articles and social media to our bowls community.

Tom Green

Marketing and Partnerships Officer


✉️ | 📞 01929 500971

Tom joined the team in May 2023. He is tasked with developing and executing integrated marketing campaigns to deliver target sales, participation numbers and other outcomes. Tom also plays a key part in owning and policing our brand guidelines and values ensuring consistent presentation and brand-led decision-making and activity. He works with our commercial partners to deliver their annual marketing rights.

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