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Safeguarding Officers


Safeguarding Officers are currently recommended within all affiliated clubs. This is currently a recommendation but the role will become compulsory as a condition of affiliation for all clubs by 2025. We are happy to support in this area with education and guidance, as a safeguarding officer you never alone!

As the clubs safeguarding officer you should have the support of your committee and membership in putting safeguards in place for all activities. You are responsible for helping club officials to be clear about their safeguarding responsibilities so that you can work as a team.

At NGB level we provide education, to help you fulfil your role – and if there are any cases, concerns or disclosures we are on hand to assist.

National Safeguarding Officer

Juliette Maggs-Bowen | 01929 500490 |


Safeguarding Officer: Job Description – Guidance


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