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Bowls England Lead Safeguarding Officer

Helen Slimm | | 07858 502191 |


All safeguarding concerns must be reported to Bowls England’s Lead Safeguarding Officer for advice. These include historic allegations and concerns relating to the current welfare/safeguarding of either adults or children in bowls, whether the issue is inside or outside of the sport.


Bowls England’s Lead Safeguarding Officer will then advise if the concern should be dealt with through our disciplinary procedures (Regulation 9) or whether it will be dealt with under our safeguarding procedures when we work in collaboration with the Case Management Group to provide collective advice, recommendations and decision making.


When reporting a concern you should record:

  • The names and details of people involved
  • Any additional relevant information known about the people involved
  • Details of the concern and who raised it
  • Views and wishes of the affected party
  • Any information known about potential risk to others
  • Details of anyone else consulted or discussed with
  • Details of any actions already taken


Bowls England Deputy Lead Safeguarding Officer

Varsha Ragoobarsing  | 07767 423604 |


Alternatively if your enquiry is:


Safeguarding Leads in Bowls

Bowls England: Helen Slimm | 07858 502191 |

EIBA Ltd: Joanne Shore | 01664 481900 |

ESMBA: Lynn Dean | 01258 817432 |

EBF: Jeanette Murphy | 01482 843639 |

BCGBA: Paul Ashmore | 07702 347360 |

BDA: Duncan Webster | 07340 170052 |


Lead Safeguarding Officer’s roles and responsibilities 

  • Lead Bowls England’s approach to Safeguarding
  • Provide advice and support
  • Lead on Bowls England’s Safeguarding plans, policies, procedures and resources
  • Central point of contact for all Bowls England affiliated clubs
  • Co-ordinate and manage all concerns
  • Manage any referrals to external agencies
  • Represent Bowls England at Safeguarding Stakeholder meetings and case management


External Contacts

Active Partnership |

Ann Craft Trust |

Childline |

Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) |

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