Our mission is to promote and develop the sport of bowls across England so it enriches the lives of its participants, connects communities and is in good health for future generations. Growing the numbers of bowls participants is at the heart of our mission.

More participants means healthier, more vibrant clubs that are able to deliver great experiences for their players. Happy playing experiences means more people advocating bowls to non-bowlers. It will mean more volunteers making our sport happen in communities across the country and more opportunity to inspire others to take part.

Our research shows bowls must evolve to complement current lifestyles, and intervention must be put in place to create behavioural change amongst potential new players, helping tackle deep-rooted inequality in sports activity.

In support of this we are:

  • Developing and marketing new, introductory forms of the game to service identified target markets of new bowlers.
  • Modernising our digital platforms and experiences so new bowlers can easily locate opportunities to get involved in our sport.
  • Working with clubs and facility owners to break down barriers and ensure every new bowler’s first time is uncomplicated and compelling.

Recruitment of new participants is therefore a top priority for our sport and in this section you can find out more about the support available from Bowls England to all of our affiliated clubs.

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