Transform your empty rinks into revenue for your club


Welcome a brand new audience


Gain new participants


Our simple to use pay and play platform, PlayBowls, is now available to clubs.


What this is?
• A mobile-friendly website enabling non-members to book and pay for rink time when you have spare green capacity.

Why this is important?
• To help our sport become much more accessible to a potentially large and growing audience of people who want to play bowls casually and will be searching for online recreational activity. The platform makes it easy for clubs to evolve and manage the demand from this casual audience.

What this does?
• Provide the sport with a destination to signpost new participants.
• Give clubs a valuable new service and open up a new revenue stream for them, in the same way golf clubs generate membership fees and green fees. Clubs benefit from secondary spend on equipment hire or refreshments and have a market of potential future members.
• Start evolving the membership model of clubs and the business model of our sport, which is currently unsustainable.
• Provide data of this new audience, which can help us promote new opportunities to people who try the game.

Who is this for?
• Clubs that want to expand their recruitment pipeline
• Clubs that want to increase their revenue
• Clubs that want to engage more with their local community
• Clubs that want to offer more attractive propositions to potential sponsors

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