Partner with Bowls England: A Golden Opportunity

Bowls England’s mission is to promote and develop the sport of lawn bowls so it enriches the lives of its participants, connects communities and is in good health for future generations.  We are looking to work alongside strategic partners who believe bowls is a force for good in society, who recognize the opportunity we have to get more people active and who are excited by our ambition to advance our sport.

With a home Commonwealth Games on the horizon, a compelling strategy to take bowls forwards and an uncluttered commercial space, Bowls England provides partners with a unique platform to tell their story.  A partner will benefit from –

  • Access to a demographic over-indexing in the time-rich baby-boomer generation and therefore a gateway to generate new, high value customers.
  • The reflective brand value of aligning with England’s Birmingham 2022 squad of able-bodied and para bowlers who combine extraordinary talent with being imaginable role models.
  • The emotional capital of making a difference to local communities, bringing people together, keeping older generations active and reducing social isolation.
  • Opportunities to bring stakeholders together and boost their wellbeing.  Bowls can be played by anybody so provides a vitalizing platform for colleagues and customers.

2022 promises to be a game-changing year for lawn bowls and we have big plans including launching a national pay and play platform, developing a shortened form of the game, the return of Bowls Big Weekend and telling the story of our sport through the national team and local heroes.

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