We are delighted to announce the formation of the new Disciplinary Working Party (DWP).

The scope for this party is to review the current regulation 9 and the connected policies, to review the capacity and capability within the organisation and to explore best practices.  Following a series of strong interviews, appointments have now been made and the initial kick off meeting took place in December 2021.

The DWG Members:

Adam Tanner (Chair)


Francis Fletcher

Francis has been involved in our Disciplinary Panel for a few years, is an umpire and has a working knowledge of the law after 15 years as a magistrate.

Lucy Valerio

Lucy is a qualified lawyer and currently Governing & Compliance Officer of The British Mountaineering Council.  Her role interfaces with the disciplinary side of the BMC’s work and she will bring a good perspective from outside our sport.

Colin Mitchell

Colin Mitchell has a good working knowledge of our disciplinary regulations processes.
They will be joined by Jon Cockcroft (Chief Executive) and Helen Slimm (Project Manager).

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