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Affiliation Working Party


In September 2022, the Board approved the formation of an Affiliation Working Party. Chaired by Director Stephen Hemsley, the scope for this party comprises of two phases:

  1. An immediate review of the current affiliation offer and price
  2. A longer term review of Bowls England’s affiliation model.


The Affiliation Working Party consists of appointed members from County Associations


The AWP Members are:


  • Stephen Hemsley (Chair and Director of Finance)
  • Dave Dowman (Suffolk)
  • Andy Humphreys (Yorkshire)
  • Sue Alexander (Cambridgeshire)


The working party are also joined by Jon Cockcroft (Chief Executive), Jas Batt (Clubs and Participation Officer) and Emma Hall (Finance Manager) as Project Manager.

At the second phase, the BE Heads of Sport Development and Business Operations will be invited to attend when appropriate.


Terms of Reference can be found here.

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