Coaching is an important part of any sport, not least bowls.  A good coach organises, inspires, educates and supports players to reach their potential.  This experience will look and feel different for bowlers depending on where they are in their playing journey from beginner to England player.

Coaching is a noble pursuit, providing encouragement, education and support for the people being coached, and a coach derives huge pleasure from seeing that personal growth and improvement from his or her impact.  From a club perspective, having qualified coaches within the club is critical to create a positive and safe environment, to provide the opportunity for club members to reach their potential and enable a club to recruit and retain new people into our sport.

Coach Bowls is Bowls England’s coaching arm and the only nationally recognised coaching qualification for the sport of bowls in England.  It uses the UK Coaching Framework as a guideline for development, and its stated aim is to provide ‘a world class bowls coaching system for all’.

Bowls England works closely and financially supports Coach Bowls with the aim of ensuring our sport has an appropriate level of qualified coaches to increase participation and provide positive experiences for bowlers.

For more details on Coach Bowls, including information on membership and training opportunities for coaches, please click here or please click on the button below.

Coach Bowls

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