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Annual General Meetings



Bowls England’s AGM is usually held in February each year, the date is flexible but in any event it must be held before May.  The agenda for our AGM shall be prepared by the Board and issued to full members at least 14 days before the event.


Who can attend?

  • Full Members (Our Board Members and County Associations)
  • Guests at the invitation of the Board such as the Presidential Team and Staff Members.


What are the voting rights?

  • Members of the Board shall have one vote each.
  • County Associations may elect two representatives to attend the meeting.
    • If the County Association makes up less than five per cent of the total Bowls England Affiliated Membership they receive one vote per representative.
    • If the County Association up more than five per cent of the total Bowls England Affiliated Membership they receive two votes per representative. Numbers of affiliated members are calculated at 1st September in each year.
  • If there is an equality of votes, the Bowls England Chair, or the person who is chairing that meeting, shall have the casting vote in addition to any other vote they may have.


How can proposals be made?

  • All proposals must be made by a Full Member, and submitted to the Chief Executive by the Monday of Week 45.
  • Any proposal agreed at the Annual General Meeting (or any other General Meeting) may not be rescinded or amended for at least two years from the date of the meeting at which it was agreed.


For further information on our AGM’s please refer to our Articles of Association or Regulation 10.


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