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‘Fit for the Future’ | Strategy 2021-26


Bowls is a sport steeped in tradition.


For centuries the simplest of pursuits has provided untold enjoyment across generations and the local bowling green has been a place of great jollity and togetherness.  Yet, despite its colourful history and intrinsic qualities, the numbers of people playing bowls across England is in steady decline and the challenges our sport faces are significant.


Our 2021-26 Strategy ‘Fit for the Future’ frames a new and exciting course for our sport.  We believe it will:


  • Unite our sport behind a compelling vision, creating a sense of belonging and source of inspiration for our volunteers.
  • Guide our staff team’s activity allowing us to better allocate resources to the areas that matter most.
  • Help put issues and problems into a broader context, engendering a can-do, optimistic culture.
  • Build confidence and enthusiasm amongst current partners and act as a catalyst to forge new relationships.
  • Enable us to articulate with one voice why those outside our sport should care.


The five year plan, launched in August 2021, is designed with the ultimate goal of getting more people playing and enjoying our wonderful sport.


It sets out our vision for the sport, how we plan to achieve our objectives and what success looks like in 2026.  The priorities that will get us to our target of One Million Bowls Experiences by 2026 are:


  • Building the brand of bowls by increasing focus on international & top domestic bowls, and utilizing opportunities such as Birmingham 2022 to achieve larger media coverage;
  • Ensuring the sport is truly accessible to all by offering different formats of the game which suit all time constraints, as well as driving more people to clubs in new ways;
  • Creating positive playing experiences for everyone who steps on the green, both for casual and competitive players, as well as growing our events calendar and introducing a Performance Pathway
  • Putting volunteers first, as the lifeblood of our sport, by increasing our support for clubs in order to empower them to thrive;
  • Leading the sport with purpose by developing our Governance structures, diversifying our revenue streams, and work collaboratively with all the sport’s key stakeholders.


You can read the strategy by clicking here.
To understand more about the insight that underpins our strategy, how we will evaluate our success and our investment, click here.
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