Sophie Tolchard

Club: Kings BC | County: Devon

Started playing: 2005

Favourite Format: Pairs

Greatest achievement: Commonwealth Gold medal at Glasgow 2014

Favourite film: Harry Potter

Lorraine Kuhler

Club: Oxford City & County BC | County: Oxfordshire

Started playing: 2002

Bowls: Drakes Pride Professional – Size 3 medium

Biggest influence on career: My Dad, John. Took me everywhere to play bowls when I was younger and either gave me advice or steered me towards the right people to get it from.

Favourite meal: Roast dinner

Harriet Stevens

Club: Kings BC | County: Devon

How she got into bowls: Family – My Dad played at the infamous Teignbridge IBC and all the juniors grew up together there.

Why she loves bowls: I love the competitiveness, the skill and the community!

Favourite TV show: Anything Crime/True Crime or mystery. I also like awful reality shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Harriet’s walking on to the green for a big match, what is she listening to to get her in the zone: Old R&B

Harry Goodwin

Club: Appleyard BC | County: Kent

Nickname: Curls

Best bowlers he has played alongside: Sam Tolchard is the best in my opinion also playing with Jamie Chestney and Louis Ridout.

One thing he’d change about bowls: I would like a T20 format something fun and attracts more crowds and atmospheres.

Passions outside of bowls: Following Plymouth Argyle football club and playing golf.

Nick Brett

Club: Brampton BC | County: Huntingdonshire

Started playing: 1985

Favourite green/place to play at: Leamington Spa

How he got into bowls: Local team was short one day and my father pull me in to make the numbers up

Favourite meal: Steak and chips


Edward Morris

Club: Essex County | County: Essex

Started playing: 2000

Bowls: Taylor Blaze – Size 4

Greatest achievement in bowls and other notable highlights: 2 National Singles titles, but probably the Triples stands out to me – I took two bowlers who had barely played Middleton Cup and we won the County, National and British Isles titles together, around 18 games

Favourite film: Sucker Punch


Kirsty Richards

Club: Whitnash | County: Warwickshire

Her most memorable shot: Last bowl in the Ladies National Singles in 2017. Score was 20-20 and I was down with only my bowl left. Played with pace to take two bowls out to stay for shot and win the game. Probably the best feeling I have ever had from playing bowls.

Biggest influence on her career: My bowls coach Neville. He dedicated so much time for the junior section and with that I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. Every club needs someone willing to give up their own time to coach others. He made a solid junior section when I was growing up, there must have been about 40 of us at one point in one club! He ran singles and pairs leagues and it was a great introduction to the game.

Favourite TV show: Made in Chelsea

Passions outside of bowls: Netball, gym, swimming and skiing

Rebecca Wigfield

Club: Desborough | County: Northamptonshire

Started playing: 1998 – age 9

How she got into bowls: Under 18 coaching sessions held at my local club during school summer holidays.

Why she loves bowls: I love everything about the sport, from the competitiveness on the green to the friendships made off it. I also love the fact that you can play at any age; it’s a very inclusive game.

Favourite meal: Anything pasta related!

Tom McGuinness

Club: Gerrards Cross | County: Buckinghamshire

Bowls: Henselite Tiger – Size 4 Heavy

His greatest achievement in bowls, and other notable highlights: British Isles Fours champions, four National titles and England Junior Captain.

One thing he’d change about bowls: Have a bowls premier league here in England

Tom’s walking on to the green for a big match, what is he listening to to get in the zone: Thunderstruck – AC/DC

James Hampton

Club: Topsham | County: Devon

Nickname: Hamps

His favourite green/club to play at: Exonia rink 5 on red marks is a dream to play on

Favourite format: Fours

Inspirations outside of bowls: Family. Friends. Ambition to win. Jordan Peterson. Brian Cox. Magnus Carlsen.

Jamie-Lea Marshall

Club: Kingscroft | County: Leicestershire

Started playing: 2000

Her most memorable shot: Back toucher, last end of Commonwealth Games final

Biggest influence on her career: Lesley Wilson who introduced me to the game and used to support me around the world.

Favourite TV show: Line of Duty

Amy Pharaoh

Club: Burton House | County: Lincolnshire

Favourite green/club to play at: Leamington Spa

Greatest achievements: Commonwealth Games Gold 2010, Silver 2022, Bronze 2002, 2006. World Bowls Gold 2004.

One thing she’d change about bowls: The image that non-bowlers have about the sport

Go-to karaoke song: Never Forget – Take That

Charlie Souter

Club: Egham | County: Surrey

Favourite green/club to play at: Essex County BC

How he got in to bowls: My grandparents and parents played, was always down the bowls club as a child so bugged them to let me play.

Your most memorable shot: A firing bowl in the National Champion of Champions at my old club Weybridge. I managed to take a bowl out for three but my bowl had somehow flown up off the bowl and landed in the gutter of the clubhouse. I’ve seen a few jacks go off the green but never a bowl go so high, it was a sight to see.

Biggest influence on his career: My mum definitely, always used to drive me to games and support me when I was younger, even now supporting whenever she can. Also with the success she’s had within bowls inspired me to want to do better and make her proud. I wouldn’t still be playing if it wasn’t for her

Wendy King

Club: Appleyard | County: Kent

Started playing: 1989

Greatest achievement: Winning a silver medal at World Bowls in 2008 and beating Karen Murphy and Lyndsey Clark from Australia to get to the final. I have so many highlights in my career.

Best bowler she’s played alongside: Ellen Falkner

Favourite meal: Roast dinner and/or Chinese

Morgan Merryweather

Club: Island Bohemian | County: Berkshire

Started playing: 2008

Bowls: Drakes Pride Professional – Size 3

How she got into bowls: My dad went to an open day at the island and when the football season finished he took me “bowling” not the bowling I expected but when stood on the edge of the river Thames getting a boat over to the island and finding the green, it’s something special.

Her most memorable shot: 2019 Ayr junior series. Last bowl v Ireland. I had been moved to skip due to illness. We were 1 down with my last bowl to come and we could have taken the 1 down and still won however I had only just missed getting the shot with my first. I manage to get down to shot wood and turn the jack to make 2. The celebration on our rink was unforgettable.

Andrew Walters

Club: Welford-On-Avon | County: Warwickshire

Favourite format: Pairs

His greatest achievements in bowls: Indoor and Outdoor singles titles and European Gold in the pairs.

Biggest influence on his career: Adrian Burbridge

Favourite film: The Italian Job

Ruby Hill

Club: Burton House | County: Lincolnshire

Most memorable shot: Not a shot, but I have a memorable game – my first ever league game I got selected for at the club I started at when I was 9 years old. The man I lead against was 90 and I have remembered it ever since – purely because there’s not many other sports where that can happen!

Greatest achievement: Getting a silver and bronze medal at the European Championships in 2022. It was my first experience of playing senior level for England and I enjoyed the week so much with the team. To come home with two medals and as winners of the overall trophy was amazing.

Biggest influence on her career: Chelsea Spencer, one of my now best friends. I think I was around 12 when she asked me to play pairs with her for the first time. We’ve played together ever since and she was someone who believed in me from an early age and has taught me most of what I know about the game.

Passions outside of bowls: Flower arranging/floristry

Emma Cooper

Club: Kings | County: Devon

Started playing: In 2009, aged 12

Bowls: Aero Sonic – Size 2.5

Best bowlers she has played alongside: Natalie Chestney, Lorraine Kuhler, Nicole Rogers, Harriet Stevens and Sophie Tolchard

Why she loves bowls: I love the fact it is so inclusive and that you can compete on a level playing field with or against anyone.


Chris Yeomans

Club: Gosforth | County: Northumberland

How he got into bowls: My grandad

His most memorable shot: Took a bowl out for 4 with last bowl to win the National Family Pairs.

Best bowler he has played alongside: David Bolt

Favourite TV show: Nitro Circus

Emily Ferguson

Club: Appleyard | County: Kent

Started playing: 2006

Her greatest achievement in bowls, and other notable highlights: Being selected for the seniors for the first time in 2019 and though I wasn’t playing, working at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games was incredible and something I’ll never forget.

Biggest influence on her career: Playing with Sian Honnor. I have learned a considerable amount from playing with her and she is really helpful being my confidence up.

Favourite TV show: Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife – period dramas all the way

Paige Dennis

Club: Appleyard | County: Kent

Bowls: Taylor Ace – Size 2

Favourite format: Triples

Biggest influence on her career: My nan, Ann Dennis. She was an England International and I have always wanted to follow in her footsteps.

Paige is walking on to the green for a big match, what is she listening to to get in the zone: Pitbull ft. TJR – Don’t Stop The Party

Jamie Walker

Club: Kings | County: Devon

Started playing: 2003

Favourite green/club to play at: Northampton West End

Most memorable shot: Most memorable would probably be my first bowl on the extra end of the World Triples Final in New Zealand

Inspirations outside of bowls: Kevin Sinfield

Nicole Rogers

Club: Kings | County: Devon

Started playing: 2006 (indoors) and 2015 (outdoors)

How she got into bowls: Both of my parents played bowls at Loddon Vale IBC and one day I decided to join in on the junior sessions on a Saturday morning.

One thing she would like to change about bowls: I’d love bowls to become a sport where you can turn pro and make a living out of it.

Go-to karaoke song: Sunflower by Post Malone and Swae Lee

Laura Holden

Club: Clevedon | County: Somerset

Started playing: 2004

Her most memorable shot: Taking a bowl out for 7 in a Walker Cup Regional Final to win

Best bowler she has played alongside: David Bryant

Favourite food: Chinese takeaway

Annalisa Dunham

Club: Carters Park | County: Lincolnshire

Bowls: Aero Groove – Size 2

How she got in to bowls: My dad retired as a police officer and we moved to Lincolnshire from Lancashire. He had lots of free time and as a past crown greener he took up flat green as that was all they played in Lincolnshire. He decided to start a junior section at the local indoor club and I went along to make up the numbers at the age of 9. I then went on to play outdoor a few years later as I wanted to play during the summer too. Never looked back since.

Greatest achievement and notable highlights: Winning the National Mixed Pairs with my husband was a real highlight – He was my boyfriend at the time but proposed after we won!

Passions outside of bowls: Watching sport – supporting Liverpool, golf majors, snooker. I also love live music and have a broad taste though am a bit of a rocker.

Kevin Harrison

Club: Aspatria | County: Cumbria

Started playing: Aged 13

Favourite place to bowl: Leamington Spa (National Finals), as it’s where you want to qualify each year and play.

Greatest achievement in bowls: Winning the 2022 National Triples Championship after losing in the final a couple of years earlier.

Favourite film: Shawshank Redemption

Wayne Willgress

Club: Norfolk | County: Norfolk

Bowls: Greenmaster – Size 4

Favourite format: Fours

Best bowler he has played alongside: Jamie Chestney

Favourite food: Curry

Rebecca Moorbey

Club: Brampton | County: Huntingdonshire

Favourite format: Pairs

Most memorable shot: Last end of the Junior Pairs Final in 2021. We were 4 up going into the last end and currently sat game down. I drew a side toucher which ended up winning us the game. It is my most memorable shot because it was in a high pressure.

Greatest achievement and other notable highlights: Achieving the Singles Double (winning the U25’s and Ladies in the same year) the year after winning the Junior Pairs title in 2021. Other highlights would include getting to the Junior Singles final in 2016, aged 16.

Rebecca is walking on to the green for a big match, what is she listening to to get in the zone: Lose Yourself by Eminem

Stuart Irwin

Club: Aspatria | County: Cumbria

Nickname: Oscar

Favourite place/club to bowl: Argyll in Bournemouth

Most memorable shot: Drawing the shot on the last end with my last bowl to win and put us in the semi finals of last years national triples which we went on to win.

Favourite TV show: Match of the Day

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