Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding entering our National Competitions. If you have any further queries, please contact the competitions team via or call 01926 334609.

Entries for 2024 National Competitions are now open! For more information, please click here.

Competition Entry

Why should I enter?

Our competitions are open to players of all abilities – with a range of events designed to meet your individual requirements.

We particularly welcome entries from those who may not have entered one of our competitions before, as this is a great opportunity to improve your game, experience competitive play and visit other clubs. You could also win a place at the Aviva National Finals at Royal Leamington Spa. All events are organised on a knock-out basis.

So whether you are a regular competitor or new to our sport we have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.

How do I enter?

All National Competitions can be entered on the Bowls England Competition Portal here.

How much is it to enter?
Event Entry Fee per entry
Men’s Senior Singles £4.50
Men’s Senior Pairs £9.00
Men’s Champion of Champions £6.50
Women’s Senior Singles £4.50
Women’s Senior Pairs £9.00
Women’s Champion of Champions £6.50
Mixed Pairs £9.00
Mixed Fours £18.00
Family Pairs £9.00
Men’s Club Two Fours £30.00
Tony Allcock Trophy £30.00
Men’s Top Club £30.00
Women’s Top Club £30.00
When do entries close?

Entries close for entry on Friday 1st March 2024.

I am not a member of a club affiliated to Bowls England, can I enter?

Unfortunately we only accept entries from playing members of affiliated clubs to Bowls England, a full list of clubs affiliated can be found here > Affiliated Bowls England Clubs

How do I create an account?

You can create an account on the Bowls England Competition Portal, the following Step by Step Guide will guide you through the process – Account Guide

What are the formats?

Formats vary depending on the competition, to view the formats to all national competitions click here.

Someone entered a competition for me but it does not show in my account?

All competitions will show in the account of the person who made the entry. Please contact us at if an entry is not showing in your account and we will look into it for you.

I do not have access to the internet, can I still enter?

The answer is yes, please give us a call on 01926 334609 and select competitions from the switchboard.

I wish to make an entry on behalf of someone else, is this possible?

The answer is yes, entries for fellow bowlers can be made through your account, once the entry has been made you are able to assign the entry to someone else. Click here for step by step instructions to do this.

Do you still send out paper entry forms?

We no longer send out paper entry forms, we encourage all participants to create an account on the competition portal. Once you have created an account click on the relevant competition you wish to enter and follow the onscreen instructions in order to make your entry.

Do I have to enter all competitions individually or can I pay for them all together?

All competitions can be paid for in one transaction. Your entries will be placed in a shopping basket, when you are ready to pay you will be able to pay for all together in one go and not separately.

I wish to make more than one entry into a competition but the system won’t let me?

All individual competitions are set to allow one entry only, if you wish to make an entry on behalf of a fellow competitor please give us a call on 01926 334609 and select competitions from the switchboard.

Do I need to name my team members names at point of entry?

The option is available within your account to name your team upon entry, this will help you keep track of who you have entered with. However we only need to know the named entrant’s name prior to the first match being played within the competition.

Am I able to obtain a refund of my entry?

Refunds are permissible up until entries close on Friday 1st March 2024. Our refund policy can be viewed within the competition entry Terms and Conditions here.

Can I enter National Competitions if I enter National Championships in another country?

Players entering National Championships in another country are eligible to participate in all Individual National Competitions. The rules differ for Inter-Club competitions, see below.

Can I represent my club in inter-club events yet enter/play National Championships at another club?

A player can only represent one club in inter-club events, this being the club where they enter national championships i.e. singles, pairs, triples, fours etc.

Players who are members of more than one club and have not entered national championships can decide which club they wish to represent, however they must play all inter-club events from that same one club.

Players are not eligible to participate in any of the Inter-Club Competitions if national championships are entered in another country.

How old do I need to be in order to enter the Senior Competitions?
  • Senior Singles and Pairs is open to all affiliated members over the age of 55 years of age on the 1st April in the year of the competition.
  • The Tony Allcock Trophy is open to all affiliated members over the age of 60 years of age on the 1st April in the year of the competition.


Updates to my Account

I have forgotten my password, how can I reset this?

If you are unable to log in, click the ‘Reset Password’ button on the log in page which will email you a new temporary password. Click here for step by step instructions to do this.

How can I update my email address?

Your email is your log-in to your account on the portal, to amend your email login, please login with your old email to access your account. Once logged in select >My Account>Edit Profile your account details will appear where you will then be able to update your email and any other account details as required.

Can I change my club after point of entry?

You can amend your club at any point prior to the closing date for entries in any particular competition. Once logged in select >My Account>Edit Profile your account details will appear where you will then be able to update your club & county as required.

I have an entry in a competition, which is confirmed in my account, however my name does not appear on the current list of entries?

The list as shown within each competition are updated periodically by Bowls England personnel. Your online account is your first point of call to check on entries that you have entered.

How do I confirm my entry?

To confirm your entry view your competitions within your account, select ‘Edit’ against the particular competition, the following screen will ask you if this entry is for you or someone else. You can confirm your entry by selecting ‘Myself’. If the competition entry is for ‘Someone Else’ you will need to enter their details in order to confirm the entry. Click here for step by step instructions to do this.


I would like to enter the Family Pairs but my partner does not play in the same club or county?

In the Family Pairs pairings do not need to belong to the same county in order to participate as a team.

Do I have to represent the same club/county in National Competitions and National Championships?

For Inter-Club Competitions all players must be affiliated members of the same club, that club being the same club that they enter/play National Championships out of.

For Individual National Competitions players do not need to be members of the same club in order to participate however they are required to play from the same county in all National Competition disciplines. That County being the same county where they play their National Championships. The exception is those clubs affiliated to two counties due to historic geographic circumstances.

Who can I play in the Family Pairs with?

The following pairings are permissible:

  • Grandmother and granddaughter/grandson
  • Grandfather and granddaughter/grandson
  • Mother and daughter/son
  • Father and daughter/son
  • Sister and sister/brother
  • Brother and brother/sister
  • Step relatives of the above are also eligible to play
  • Marriage
  • Civil Partnership

Pairings need not necessarily be members of the same affiliated Club or County to participate.

Am I eligible to enter the Champion of Champions?

Only players who represent one of the following qualifying criteria’s are permissible to enter:


  • Mens Club Championship Four-Bowl Singles Champion
  • Womens Club Championship Four-Bowl Singles Champion


  • Mens County Four-Bowl Singles Champion
  • Womens County Four-Bowl Singles Champion
  • Mens County Junior Four-Bowl Singles Champion
  • Womens County Junior Four-Bowl Singles Champion
  • Qualifiers for the 2023 National finals in the National Senior Singles


  • Mens & Womens National Champion of Champions Champion
  • Mens & Womens National Four-Bowl Singles Champion
  • Mens & Womens National Junior Four-Bowl Singles Champion
  • Mens & Womens National Senior Singles Champion
I won the Club Singles at my old club, can I still play in this competition if I have moved clubs?

Players who have moved clubs during the close season shall still be eligible to enter the Champion of Champions providing that Bowls England receives written approval from the affiliated Club Secretary where they secured qualification no later than 1st March in the year of the event.



How much travelling is involved?

All early rounds in national competitions are played locally, the later stages (All England Rounds) are played against neighbouring counties within your geographical area.

Are all matches on play by dates or set dates?

Individual National Competitions:

All rounds are played to play by dates unless your county association sets play on dates within your county.

Inter-Club Competitions:

All rounds are played to play by dates up to and including the All England Round of 16.

Do I have to play my home matches on my home green?

All matches must be played on the challengers green associated to the entry unless it is stipulated that a neutral green must be used. Matches may be played at another affiliated club within the area of the competition if mutually agreed between the two players/teams involved in the tie. The venue of the match must be stipulated when dates are offered.

When is a Neutral Green required?

A neutral green midway between the two clubs associated to the tie is required for all Area Finals in Inter-Club Competitions (Top Club, Club Two Fours & Tony Allcock Trophy) and Senior Competitions (Senior Singles & Senior Pairs).

The All England Rounds of 32 & 16 (excluding Senior Singles & Pairs) are played on a neutral green midway between the two clubs associated to the entry.

What is the dress code to participate in National Competitions?

Below the waist:

Players have the freedom to choose to wear trousers, culottes, skirts, skorts or shorts on an individual basis, with no requirement to wear the same item as other players in their team, as long as all members of the same team/side wear the same colour or design below the waist.


Players, umpires and markers must wear flat-soled (‘heel-less’) footwear when they play on the green or act as an umpire or marker.

Above the waist:

Should a team/club/county not have their own colours, in events under our jurisdiction players may choose to wear white above the waist OR matching bowls shirts so long as the colour/design is the same.

Other Clothing Items:

Any additional items such as waterproofs, long-sleeved base layers, leggings or similar items do not need to match your team/club/county colours. This aims to reduce the pressure for bespoke club/county wear and put participation, accessibility and comfort at the centre of our sport.

Can I play my competitions during the day?

The start time for any match shall be set by the Challenger when the dates are offered, but no player/team/side shall be compelled to accept a time earlier than 6.00pm Monday to Friday or 9.30am on a Saturday or Sunday. However matches can be played at a time outside of the above timescales if mutual agreement.


Aviva National Finals

Where are the Aviva National Finals Held?

The Aviva National Finals are held at Victoria Park, Archery Rd, Royal Leamington Spa, CV31 3PW.

When are the Aviva National Finals held?

The Aviva National Finals will take place from Thursday 15th August concluding on Sunday 1st September 2024.

How many qualifiers from each competition go to the National Finals?
  • Senior Singles & Pairs – 32 Qualifiers
  • Champion of Champions – 16 Qualifiers
  • Mixed Pairs & Fours – 16 Qualifiers
  • Family Pairs – 16 Qualifiers
  • Top Club – 8 Qualifiers
  • Club Two Fours – 8 Qualifiers
  • Tony Allcock Trophy – 8 Qualifiers
Where can I view the schedule for Aviva National Finals?

The full Aviva National Finals schedule can be viewed here.

Where can I view information regarding clashes in competitions at the Aviva National Finals?

Please find a list of all our National Competitions that could be affected by clashes and their associated risk levels here.


If you have any further questions, please contact us via the details at the top of the page.

Visit our Competitions Portal here!

Please note, working hours for the above contacts are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. The team will look to respond to all queries within 72 hours.



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