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Our Culture


Bowls England cares about its staff team, its players, its volunteers, its clubs, its counties and its sport. 


We care deeply about the work we do, the way in which we behave and the difference we hope to make.



We believe that together we can achieve more.

We share perspectives, seek out common goals and perform tasks with a mind-set of respect, trust and co-operation. We appreciate the varied contributions of those around us and are prepared to challenge those who do not have the wider interest of the sport at heart.



We will strive to be relevant in the ever-changing environment in which we live.

We will be open-eyed and open-minded to the opportunities ahead of us, we will listen to others and we will display a can-do attitude. Whilst we remain steadfast in our purpose, we recognise the importance of being flexible in our approach.



As custodians of our sport, we are committed to leaving it in a better place than we found it.

We will be focussed in our mission, we will be proactive, we will be accountable for the decisions we make and we will be conscientious in our duties. We learn from our bad days and celebrate our good ones, knowing we will start afresh tomorrow.



We will harness the energies of those around us through our friendly, positive yet resilient demeanour.

We will enable others to imagine what is possible, empower them to fulfil their potential and support them at times of need. Our words and actions will be motivational and embolden our sport in its future endeavours.


At the heart of these values is the unwritten truth that we CARE.


You can read more about our values in our ‘Fit for the Future’ strategy.

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