Volunteers are the lifeblood of our sport and we could not deliver our event programme without those who give their time to support the Bowls England team.  This award is specifically for the outstanding volunteer at Bowls England events, such as the Aviva National Finals. 

Below are the list of volunteers which have been shortlisted for the Bowls Maker of the Year at the Bowls England Awards 2023.

Graham Cartwright

Graham brought an infectious energy to the team and always had a smile on his face regardless of the time of day or weather! He happily stepped into any volunteer role and was always aware when other areas might need an extra pair of hands, always being one of the first to help! He was also highly cooperative and would let other volunteers take their preferred roles and slot himself in the gaps. He was well-respected by his peers and others enjoyed working alongside him for they knew they were in for a laugh and an enjoyable shift. 

Lauren Ketteridge

Lauren was keen to return to volunteering in sport. She was one of our younger volunteers at the Aviva National Finals and was very supportive, always going that extra mile to assist the staff team in any way that she could, often staying past the end of her shift to help get things ready for the next day, including preparing the volunteer rota. Now drawn into playing at a bowls club, we hope to see Lauren continue her bowls journey, both as a player and volunteer, for a long time to come! 

Simon Lilley

Simon volunteered to help with the pre–Aviva National Finals admin work which included successfully updating the online competition portal with all the player information. Simon ran the competitions desk on more than one occasion during the Aviva National Finals and produced MC sheets and live scoring documents. 

Outside of the National Finals, Simon is the competition secretary of Lincolnshire and is also a member of the Competition Working Group. He puts a lot of time and effort into the game throughout the season for his county and Bowls England. He is also a great supporter of Bowls Bash and has signed up two clubs, including his own, to become Bowls Bash Accredited Clubs. He is always looking for ways to grow and develop the game and is willing to spend his own time to do this.

Wendy Sayers

Wendy also joined the Aviva National Finals volunteer programme after volunteering at the Commonwealth Games. As a non-bowler, she soon made herself a valued part of the team. Wendy is someone who could always be relied upon making her a great asset to the volunteer team and she always had a smile on her face. Wendy would lend her hand to any task and enjoyed interacting and helping our spectators across the course of the event. A leader in her own quiet way, she was highly respected by other volunteers. 

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