The Certificate of Merit is presented to individuals that are deemed to have provided outstanding service to the sport at club and county level in England.

Bowls England introduced the Certificate of Merit in 2009 to recognise the work of volunteers who support the sport at Club and County level – from Secretaries and Treasurers to Green Keepers and Umpires.

Roll of Honour:

2023: Lindsay Collin (Gloucestershire), Malcolm Grimwood (Suffolk), Kay Kerley (Hampshire), John Ottaway (Norfolk) and Roy Rogers (Leicestershire)

2022: Edna Bessell MBE (Somerset), Stephen Jennings (Bedfordshire)

2021: Ronald Garner (Bedfordshire), Mollie Jennings (Bedfordshire)

2020: Percy Rowe # (Suffolk)

2019: Cyril Atkinson (Cumbria), George Batey (Northumberland), Jill Bowen (Herefordshire), Robert Hirst (Bedfordshire)

2018: Ian Harvey (Buckinghamshire), Mo Monkton (Somerset), Gordon Walker (Yorkshire), John Weston (Worcestershire)

2017: Geoffrey Chapman (Kent), John Church MBE (Northamptonshire), Graham Marriner (Hertfordshire)

2016: Michael Bannister (Kent), Christine Hore (Cornwall), Margaret Langley-Roberts (Buckinghamshire), Glyn Williams (Herefordshire)

2015: Ralph Archer (Bedfordshire), Thomas Besford # (Berkshire), Henry Franklin # (Oxfordshire), Spencer Kerley (Hampshire), Brian Watts  # (Buckinghamshire), David Wederell (Somerset)

2014: Alwyn Baron (Yorkshire), John Cleverley (Northumberland), Charles Frederick (Cambridgeshire), Arnold Goad (Warwickshire),  Kate Kyle (Leicestershire), James Laidler # (Durham), Jackie Taylor (Surrey), Margaret Tully (Gloucestershire)

2013: Donald Knight (Hertfordshire), Brian Matthews * (Berkshire), Anne Wilkinson # (Northumberland)

2012: No Certificates awarded

2011: Thomas Addison (Yorkshire), Jack Gray # (Herefordshire), Eileen Hopkins (Oxfordshire), Mike Poole (Hertfordshire), Mary Trevennen # (Cornwall), William Walton (Yorkshire), Mavis Wellington (Devon),

2010: Michael Brookfield (Devon), Robert Burch (Devon),  Wendy Davies (Sussex), Gillian Jones (Durham), Beryl Meeson (Hertfordshire), Irene Molyneux (Oxfordshire), George Pike # (Wiltshire)

2009: David Counter (Devon), Ernest Douglass (Yorkshire), Don Draper (Durham), John Durston (Somerset), Stewart Laxton (Northamptonshire), David Powe (Hampshire), Eric Prior (Middlesex), Alan Quick # (Cornwall), Dennis Taylor (Suffolk)

*Awarded posthumously
# Deceased

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