Bowls England have been working with a number of partners to try and improve the support we can offer to clubs.

Here you can look at using our templates for recruitment and engagement of your members as well as access our series of Webinars recorded to provide help and support for many of the more difficult aspects of club management.

Affiliated clubs have access to…
  • Online Digital Resources Platform
  • Webinars

All Bowls England affiliated clubs are issued with a User Name and Password to access the site. Please contact your Bowls England club contact (normally your club’s secretary) for these details.  We are unable to create individual accounts and you must log in using the club credentials.

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Read about...

Bowls' Big Weekend

We have created a number of support assets to make the most of your weekend. Banners, pop ups, flags and editable posters and leaflets will all drive your event to the next level.

Regional Finals & Celebration Matches

Running these can bring in much needed exposure and revenue to your club. We will create resources to promote the event both before and during your day.


Outside of BBW22 we realise that clubs will still need to recruit. We will have a suite of posters and leaflets created just for this reason.

Commonwealth Games - Birmingham 2022

The biggest show in town for Bowls this year. How do you get more people down to your club? How do you advertise your sessions? How do you make the most of the opportunity? This suite of assets should help you.

Health & Safety

The safety of your members will always be paramount. We will provide some templates and signage to help with this.


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