Buckinghamshire Bowls Association (BBA) was formed in 2010, when the Buckinghamshire County Bowls Association (BCBA) and Buckinghamshire County Women’s Bowls Association (BCWBA) unified into a single county association.

The BBA is run by the Executive Committee, comprising of an Administrator, Treasurer, Men’s and Women’s Match Managers, Men’s and Women’s Competition Managers, the Association League Manager, County Development Officer, and representatives of the four divisions within Bucks; the Presidents are ex-officio members. The Executive meet regularly throughout the year to report on their activities and to discuss matters raised by the clubs.

There are 45 clubs within the county, split into four divisions for the administration of competitions; Buckinghamshire is, geographically a “long” county and travel from the north to the south is not easy.

The oldest bowling club in Buckinghamshire is Wolverton Park BC, founded in 1889 as a single rink green near the railway embankment; three years later, two 30 yard rinks were established with a gap between for a quoits bed and a railway carriage was used as a pavilion. After a number of improvements in facilities, the club moved to its current site next to Mill Mead Hall in 2006.

The county has a thriving Junior Academy, which is for younger bowlers up to the age of 18, coming together twice a year to enhance their skills and enjoy friendly competition amongst themselves. This initiative has also been taken up by a number of clubs individually, encouraging their young players to continue in the sport of bowls. Many of these younger bowlers then progress to the U25 and Amy Rose teams, and then on to the senior sides.

Both the Men’s and Women’s sections have regular inter-county friendly matches throughout the season, as well as participating in the Middleton Cup, Balcomb, White Rose, Amy Rose, Johns and Walker competitions. The men also participate in the Home Counties Bowls Association league matches, both at senior and U25 level.

For further information, the BBA website can be found at : https://www.buckinghamshirebowls.co.uk/

County Details

Contact: Cathy Clark
Tel: 01844 351461
Mobile: 07768 296677
Email: buckinghamshire@bowlsengland.com
Website: www.buckinghamshirebowls.co.uk
Agreed Centre: Aylesbury

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