Follow-up starts on the day of your Bowls’ Big Weekend event itself – so make sure you have this organised too! People are most likely to sign-up for their next session on the day itself.
Make sure you have an appropriate and varied offer of activities available, some examples are below:

1. Alternative membership/playing offers available on the day could include:

• Monthly subscriptions.
• Pay as you play opportunities through our PlayBowls platform.
• Off-peak/weekday/weekend/family/unemployed membership packages
• New member incentives and offers Bowls Bash sessions.
Bowls Bash sessions (accredited clubs only)

Think about how you tailor the offer for the person in front of you – remove any barriers that could stop them coming back!

2. Potential new bowlers can find the traditional club membership offer restrictive – which is why we have launched our PlayBowls platform and our introductory format of the game, Bowls Bash.

• Our research shows that current ‘non-participants’ who want to play bowls would like to play once a week for no more than two hours – but are prepared to pay £5 per session.
• Over the course of a season this could generate significant income for the club – and they may decide to become a full member in the long-term.

3. Consider creating a ‘buddy scheme’, whereby existing members mentor a small number of new members for their first few months.
4. Sign up someone in your club to lead development, in particular PlayBowls and Bowls Bash.
5. Make sure you return the registration form to Bowls England so we can look at increasing the investment for future years.

This is vital to improve the event, demonstrate to funding partners that future investment in our sport is beneficial and enables us to measure the success of the advertising methods used.

6. Ensure follow-up activities are organised and members are aware that visitors will be attending.

Suggestion: sessions involve a combination of fun activities and coaching, allowing for a fun and informal experience.

7. Arrange and advertise activities to engage with new and current members away from bowls and outside the bowls season.

e.g. social events including games nights, quizzes, bands and meals out.


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