All sports have their own language but not to worry!  Now you’re ready to get started, here are a few terms that will help you chat about the sport.

    • Backhand | When (for a right-handed player) the bowl is delivered so the curve of the bowl is from the left to right.
    • Bias | The shape of the bowl which causes it to curve.
    • Delivery | The moment the bowl leaves the hand.
    • Ditch | The gully around the green. If a bowl ends up in the ditch and it is not a ‘toucher’ then it doesn’t count.
    • Draw | A bowl delivered at the correct weight, and with correct line, to arrive exactly where you want.
    • End | The sequence of play from the moment the mat is placed down until all bowls have been delivered and you know who has won. A bit like a game in tennis!
    • Foot fault | If you don’t deliver the bowl with part of your foot on or above the mat.
    • Forehand | When (for the right-handed player) the bowl is delivered so that the curve of the bowl is from the right to left.
    • Green | The total playing area. There are usually 6 rinks on each green.
    • Jack | The little round target ball to which you’re trying to get your bowls closest.
    • Mat | The rectangular shaped mat from which the bowler must deliver the jack and/or bowl.
    • Pace of Weight | The amount of force with which the bowl is delivered to execute a particular shot.
    • Rink | The rectangular strip of the green, between 4 and 6 metres wide, on which the game takes place.
    • Stance | Position adopted on the mat prior to delivery.
    • Shot | The bowl that is nearest the jack at any stage of play.
    • Toucher | A bowl that hits the jack during its original course. This bowl still counts even if it ends up in the ditch.

Ready for a game? You can find your nearest club here, or alternatively we have more information on how to get started here.

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