Bowls England National Championships
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National Championships

2017 National Championships

Live Scoring Schedule



 Date  Start  Event/s  Round
 Saturday 5th August  9.30am  Johns Trophy  Semi-Finals
   9.30am  Middleton Cup  Semi-Finals
   2.00pm  Middleton Cup  Final
   2.00pm  Johns Trophy  Final
 Sunday 6th August  9.30am  Family Pairs  Semi-Finals
   2.00pm  Family Pairs  Final
 Monday 7th August  9.30am  Women's Junior Singles  Quarter-Finals
   12.00pm  Women's Junior Singles  Semi-Finals
   3.00pm  Women's Junior Singles  Final
 Tuesday 8th August  9.30am  Women's Senior Pairs  Semi-Finals
   2.00pm  Women's Senior Pairs  Final
 Thursday 10th August  9.30am  Women's Champion of Champions  Semi-Finals
   9.30am  Women's Fours  Semi-Finals
   9.30am  Men's Senior Fours  Semi-Finals
   9.30am  Men's Junior Pairs  Quarter-Finals
   1.00pm  Men's Junior Pairs  Semi-Finals
   1.00pm  Women's Champion of Champions  Final
   2.00pm  Women's Fours / Men's Senior Fours  Final
   4.30pm  Men's Junior Pairs  Final
 Saturday 12th August  9.30am  Women's Singles  Quarter-Finals
   12.30pm  Women's Singles  Semi-Finals
   3.00pm  Women's Singles  Final
 Sunday 13th August  12.00pm  Women's Senior Singles  Semi-Finals
   3.00pm  Women's Senior Singles  Final
 Wednesday 16th August  9.30am  Women's Triples  Semi-Finals
   2.00pm  Women's Triples  Final
 Thursday 17th August  10.00am  Women's Two-Wood Singles  Semi-Finals / Final
 Friday 18th August  9.30am  Men's Club Two Fours  Semi-Finals
   2.00pm  Men's Club Two Fours  Final
 Saturday 19th August  9.30am  Women's Pairs  Semi-Finals
   2.00pm  Women's Pairs  Final
 Sunday 20th August  9.30am  Men's Senior Pairs  Semi-Finals
   9.30am  Walker Cup  Semi-Finals
   12.00pm  Men's Junior Singles  Semi-Finals
   12.00pm  Women's Junior Pairs  Semi-Finals
   2.00pm  Walker Cup  Final
   2.00pm  Men's Senior Pairs  Final
   2.00pm  Men's Junior Singles  Final
   2.00pm  Women's Junior Pairs  Final
 Wednesday 23rd August  9.30pm  Men's Champion of Champions  Semi-Finals
   9.30pm  Men's Fours  Semi-Finals
   2.00pm  Men's Champion of Champions  Final
   2.00pm  Men's Fours  Final
 Friday 25th August  9.30am  Women's Senior Fours  Semi-Finals
   2.00pm  Women's Senior Fours  Final
 Saturday 26th August  9.30am  Men's Triples  Semi-Final
   2.00pm  Men's Triples  Final
   2.00pm  Mixed Pairs  Semi-Finals
 Sunday 27th August  9.30am  Mixed Pairs  Final
   9.30am  Balcomb Trophy  Semi-Finals
   12.00pm  Men's Senior Singles  Semi-Finals
   2.00pm  Balcomb Trophy  Final
   2.00pm  Men's Senior Singles  Final
 Wednesday 30th August  9.30am  Men's Pairs  Semi-Finals
   12.00pm  Men's Two-Wood Singles  Semi-Finals
   2.00pm  Men's Two-Wood Singles  Final
   2.00pm  Men's Pairs  Final
 Friday 1st September  12.30pm  Men's Singles  Semi-Finals
   3.00pm  Men's Singles  Final
 Saturday 2nd September  9.30am  Mixed Fours  Semi-Finals
   2.00pm  Mixed Fours  Final
 Sunday 3rd September  9.30am  White Rose Trophy  Semi-Finals
   12.00pm  Amy Rose Bowl  Semi-Finals
   2.00pm  Amy Rose Bowl  Final
   2.00pm  White Rose Trophy  Final
   2.00pm  Tony Allcock Trophy  Final


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