Bowls International Magazine was established in 1981 and has been the go-to place for bowlers ever since.

The magazine may have changed in terms of layout and design in recent years but the ethos remains the same- everyone who is involved with the publication is passionate about bowls.

Editor Sian Honnor has been bowling for more than 20 years, is the current Bowls England women’s senior captain and has won two bronze and a gold medal at three consecutive Commonwealth Games’.

Bowls International is published by Oyster Media Group, under license from Key Publishing.

The magazine is packed full of news, features, reviews, coaching articles and debates about the game today.

We pride ourself on what we deem to be an ideal blend of interesting, entertaining, informative and instructive articles, supported by the latest news and views from some of the sport’s biggest and influential names.

Regular features from legend of the game Tony Allcock OBE, England’s four-times Commonwealth Games medallist Ellen Falkner, international umpire Allan Thornhill, top TV commentator David Corkill and sports psychologist Mark McMahon give the magazine a unique flavour.

Bowls International rovers all the major tournaments throughout the world while also focussing on grass roots levels, what individual clubs are doing well, junior bowls and recruitment.

In addition, the Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.

It was launched more than 20 years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.

Hotshots Club had an image overhaul in 2019 to reflect the modern game and a gold badge will be launched in the summer, to further recognise success.

The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.

Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

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