Taylor Bowls is the oldest and most experienced bowls manufacturer in the world, incorporating tradition and modern technology!

Established in 1796, we are the oldest and most experienced bowls manufacturer in the world! An internationally successful company, we remain a Scottish family owned business taking great pride developing and selecting the best products and ideas – incorporating style and comfort leaving you to concentrate on your game. From the heart of our factory to your bowling green we make sure we get it right!

Our philosophy is twofold ..

Service, we do our utmost to inject service into every aspect of our business and every customer contact we have, and our feedback shows that we do this well.

Innovation, we constantly and successfully strive to be at the forefront of bowls technology and consistently leave our competitors trailing behind, whether the objective is exciting new products or improved quality and consistency. This applies to our clothing, bags, shoes and other accessories just as much as it does to our bowls.

Through recently invested production equipment and advancing technology we have created extremely accurately designed running surfaces that are unique to our brand and no other manufacturer can match. These offer consistent exacting lines when playing a draw shot or a controlled weighted shot.

We invest heavily in Research & Development and our dedicated R&D team combined with our close relationships with leading universities puts us ahead of the game and has us constantly pushing boundaries.

Back in the 1800’s, when all bowls were shaped by hand to a template and consequently, no two bowls were exactly alike, Thomas Taylor made and patented a machine for shaping bowls accurately. In that same year the Company introduced the world’s first testing table for bias of bowls.

Throughout the two hundred year history of Thomas Taylor (Bowls) Limited, the Company has been responsible for many key developments within the game of bowling, advances that have contributed to the enjoyment of the game by so many players, from novice to champion.

A direct result of Taylor’s policy of continual research and development, Taylors is still the industry’s pioneer. With the introduction of colour bowls, continual investment in technology and quality control we remain the market leader worldwide.

You can find the Taylor Bowls website at: www.taylorbowls.com

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