Volunteers are the heartbeat of our events and your support will be fundamental for the growth of our sport. Volunteering at Bowls England is an exciting opportunity to work in the sport you value so much and a great way to be part of the Bowls England team during the National Finals. The National Finals is the melting pot where players across the country compete for glory. It is a great opportunity to meet different people, revive good memories, leave your footprints with your contribution and enjoy the camaraderie of the Bowls England Volunteering team.

Bowls England values its volunteers and has dedicated a special and prestigious award “Bowls Maker of Year” to the annual Bowls England Awards to recognise the extraordinary contribution of volunteers. Once you are part of our volunteering team you will be automatically considered for the award. Lunch allowance, coffee breaks, free parking and free access to the event on the day of volunteering are included for volunteers. Transport and accommodation costs are not covered.

Our volunteers will undertake a variety of roles to ensure that players, spectators and other key stakeholders enjoy a memorable experience. Potential roles include media, scoring, hospitality and customer service, and relevant training will be provided where required. Volunteers are required to be flexible with the roles, as we may require your contribution across different areas for the successful delivery of the event.

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Make a positive difference!

If you are keen to volunteer and want to hear what other Bowls England volunteers have to say to be inspired, read on.

“For the new invention of Volunteering at the National Championship of 2021 it was quite challenging but I enjoyed every single moment of it”
Edna Bessel MBE, Bowls Maker of Year 2021

“I felt valued by the Bowls England team and felt that I was really able to make a difference”
Rob Stanley, Bowls Maker of the Year 2022

“I felt part of the team and met different people every day in the field which was quite inspiring”
Stephen Beamish, Kingscroft, Leicestershire.

Join the Team

Applications are now open for volunteering at the Aviva National Finals 2023. We invite you to join our dynamic Volunteers’ Team!

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The Aviva National Finals will take place between 10th August and 27th August 2023.


For any further enquiries, please email: volunteering@bowlsengland.com

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