A Q&A with Cornwall’s Alasdair Williams

25th April, 2024

We caught up with Cornwall’s Alasdair Williams from Portleven BC to discover his experiences in competitions. Starting in bowls at a young age in local competitions, Alasdair sets his sights on achieving in competitions at the very top of the sport.


What is your earliest memory of playing in competitions and how did you find it?

Alasdair: When I first started bowling, we had a club triples competition, this was mainly for fun and to get in some extra bowling at the end of the season. But for me it was not just good practice, I was bowling against a variety of skilled bowlers, and winning was my main priority.


What was your first win in a competition (becoming a champion) and how did it feel?

Alasdair: When I was 15, I was playing in a local tournament final with my father, and we were losing heavily. I sat down on the back of the green feeling we could not win and dejected. I am not sure what happened, but my dad gave me a pep talk and told me to take each end as a new start, we ended up winning the final and that feeling was unbelievable.


Who are some of the key people you have played in competitions with?

Alasdair: For me it would have to be my family, as that was the main reason I played bowls in the first place. I have played with my uncle, Dad and two brothers and bowling with them and achieving gives me a sense of achievement. I also have enjoyed playing with my peers and encouraging each other.



Reflecting on the competitions you participated in last year, what were some of the highlights or memorable moments for you?

Alasdair: Competing at Leamington, I found I learnt from bowling against bowlers who currently or have previously represented Bowls England’s Men’s team.
The main highlight and memorable moment for me would have to have been bowling as part of the England Under 25’s team as I believe this is one of the biggest honours you can have.


Looking ahead to the competitions in 2024, what are your goals or aspirations for the season?

Alasdair: I would love to win a National title for the first time. But it is always an honour to win and be Cornwall County champion in any event.


Are there any specific events in 2024 that you’re particularly excited about participating in?

Alasdair: I am particularly excited about the junior events especially as I know I have a limited time. It would be a dream to win the National Junior Singles and the Junior Pairs, but I know I need to focus on progressing through the county stages first.


What motivates you to achieve in competitions?

Alasdair: The thing that motivates me to achieve in competitions is to be respected as the best bowler to represent my county, Cornwall, but even more importantly England. I would like to achieve a reputation for being an outstanding bowler, for my ability.

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