Keeping your clubhouse safe from fire

9th April, 2024

One of the most fundamental duties required of any club is to keep their fire risk assessment updated. However, it’s often easy for this to slip down in the list of priorities.

Whilst your club insurance policy will provide some protection in the unfortunate event of a fire, this will only go so far. Your club would still be out of action for some time, and you won’t be able to get everything up and running again without significant effort and stress. Additionally, an insurance policy won’t help you deal with the threat of prosecution if those circumstances arose. A fire risk assessment is not only a legal requirement, but will help protect your club and your members.

Many clubs operate out of purpose-built structures, but a large number might use small converted of prefabricated buildings of non-standard construction – that is, not made of brick, slate, stone or tile. Such structures might have older heating systems or even rely on portable heaters to keep everyone warm in those chilly winter months, and each of these things is a potential fire hazard.

How often should you undertake a fire risk assessment?

It’s not simply a legal requirement to carry out a fire risk assessment but also to review it regularly. What exactly is considered “regular” isn’t stipulated, but generally, an annual review is necessary or sooner if there’s some material change such as an extension or refurbishment, a change of use, new work processes or any incidence of fire. If the worst happens and you don’t have a “suitable and sufficient” fire risk assessment in place, your club could face the risk of fines and prosecution.

What does a fire risk assessment consider?

A suitable fire risk assessment will need to consider a number of factors. To help, Sutton Winson have put together a handy checklist of things to consider, from mitigating the risk of a fire breaking and spreading, to raising the alarm and ensuring all on the premises can escape quickly and safely if needed.

Download the checklist here.

Here to help

Sutton Winson’s Risk Management team are experts in helping clubs and businesses of all sizes effectively manage their risks, and most importantly, keep their people safe.

With many clubs being in part or fully run by volunteers, it can often be challenging for them to juggle all the important risk management issues required of them with only a few staff members and limited resources. If your club would like Sutton Winson’s help in managing your fire safety risk, get in touch with a member of their team on 01444 251 162 or email

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