Bowls Bash is a huge hit for Kegworth BC

1st September, 2022

Lawn bowls clubs across the country report plenty of new faces getting involved with the sport in the course of the last few weeks.

Following Team England’s outstanding display at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, which delivered seven medals including two golds, the introduction of an exciting, shorter form of the sport ‘Bowls Bash’ has sparked plenty of interest.

Typical of this is East Midlands-based Kegworth Bowls Club whose Brenda Galubickas has recently helped two groups of newcomers get started with bowls.

“We have had two lots of four come down and the Grandpa and his Grandson Freddie from one of the groups have since been back four times,” she said.

“They love it and have told us they are definitely joining next year and will be back for our Friday roll-up.

“The second group of four also loved it; they also really enjoyed themselves and said they will definitely come back.

“I talk to them afterwards over tea and biscuits and they asked me lots of questions.

“Being able to help them understand about uniform, what to wear, how to join and those sorts of things definitely helped.

“All in all it’s looking very positive for us as Bowls Bash has gone down a treat – hopefully other clubs have the same experience.”

Freddie and his Grandad enjoy Bowls Bash at Kegworth BC

‘Bowls Bash’ aims to make getting started as simple as possible. There is no dress code and equipment is provided, so newcomers only need plenty of enthusiasm and a pair of flat shoes or trainers to protect the green.

Everyone gets the chance to deliver 30 bowls and there are plenty of opportunities to score. Newcomers will experience the sport in a relaxed, fun environment in a match which lasts an hour which leaves plenty of time for socialising afterwards.

Jon Cockcroft, Chief Executive of Bowls England said: “It is great to hear that Bowls Bash is being positively received around the country and bringing new people into bowls clubs.

“This new format delivers all that is inherently enjoyable about bowls in a manner which is more accessible to a broader range of people.”

“With Sport England’s support, it is brilliant to be able to provide the first 400 clubs, who become accredited to deliver Bowls Bash, with £500 of free resources. With Bowls England’s national marketing and local clubs’ energy and passion we look forward to growing our great game.”

Find out more about Bowls Bash including a list of clubs where you can play here:,8Q6Z,1AD6,11FQC,1

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