Bowls England secures approval for chemical control of Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs

7th July, 2023

Bowls England is delighted that approval has been received for Acelepryn to be used on bowling greens to enable greenkeepers to more effectively target leatherjackets and chafer grubs.

Leatherjackets and chafer grubs can cause serious damage to fine turf including bowling greens and Bowls England has received an increasing number of calls from clubs for support in recent years.

The approval follows lengthy lobbying of DEFRA by Bowls England on behalf of our affiliated clubs in conjunction with the Sport and Recreation Alliance. It ensures Acelepryn will be available to clubs to target leatherjackets during their end of season renovations and chafer white grub in late spring.

Alistair Hollis, Bowls England Head of Sport Development, said: “One of our top priorities is to support clubs. We are delighted to have worked in conjunction with the Sport & Recreation Alliance to gain approval for Acelepryn to be used to help clubs take preventative measures against leather jackets and chafer grubs in the future.”

Alan Lewis, Bowls England’s Greens Maintenance Advisor, added: “I have dealt with a number of enquiries from clubs in recent years who have suffered from leather jackets in particular, therefore this approval is welcome. However, we’d remind clubs that this chemical is not a replacement for good turf management and would urge clubs to remove the conditions that encourage Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs, especially the build-up of thatch.”

Leon King from Canterbury BC in Kent said: “Leather jackets have been of increasing concern to clubs within our area. We were aware that Bowls England was lobbying on behalf of its affiliated clubs and this approval shows the importance of having a national governing body and makes the affiliation paid to Bowls England worthwhile.”

Lisa Wainwright MBE, CEO, Sport and Recreation Alliance, added: “The Alliance is pleased to have played a role alongside Bowls England to ensure Acelepryn received approval for use on bowling greens. We’re delighted that the product will now be available for grassroots clubs and organisations to help protect their facilities, and hope that it means as many people as possible are able to enjoy the benefits of bowls.”

As the National Governing Body for lawn bowls, Bowls England is committed to helping all affiliated clubs create the best possible environment for its participants to enjoy a superb bowling experience. Clubs can benefit from a range of initiatives to increase their playing numbers as well as make savings on their Civil Liability Insurance. Click here to explore all the benefits of affiliation.

Bowls England offers a Greens Advisory Service where an affiliated club can send its questions in to Alan Lewis. Please e-mail with full details of your Club’s issue and include photographs if possible.

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